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Today’s Lovely Slice Of Life

Spectacular weather. Toe-tapping music. Plenty of room to roam.

And tons of food from more restaurants than anyone realized could be packed into one small area. Cuisine ranged from American, Mexican, seafood and health food to Chinese, Indian and — of course; this is Saugatuck — Italian.

This afternoon’s Slice of Saugatuck was a perfect late-summer Saturday event. That resurgent community shone, from the river to the railroad, along the bustling streets and Bridge Square.

Proceeds from the $5 entry fee  went to the Gillespie food pantry.

How’s that for a great slice of Westport life?

Music — not train horns or garbled announcements — filled the station air today.

Two youngsters demonstrated tae kwan do in Luciano Park.

Dunville’s was one of 24 restaurants offering free food. The sliders were a big hit.

Attending a street fair can be stressful. Saugatuck Studios offered free massages, near their Bridge Square location.

Free kayaks brought plenty of people to Down Under’s riverside dock.

Up On The Roof

Every day brings a new revelation about Saugatuck’s renaissance.

This week, it was the roof.

Seems there’s a nice rooftop on Bridge Square. It offers spectacular views of the Saugatuck River, Bridge Street Bridge, kayakers and scullers and seagulls…

Too bad it’s limited to tenants of the small shopping center — not their customers.

Except for fitness buffs at Saugatuck Studios.

Starting this Saturday, Fran Hoyte’s studio hosts rooftop classes.

Herma Hale will conduct Hatha yoga classes Saturdays at 9:30 a.m., on the Bridge Square rooftop. (Photo/Frances Hoyte)

They range from Pilates and hatha yoga to functional strength sessions. The earliest is 6:30 a.m.; the latest, 6:15 p.m. The timing (and location) make them perfect for time-starved commuters.

But — this being yoga — you can work out your stress (and tight muscles) in one of the most serene (and secret) settings in Westport.

An added bonus:  You face due east. Sunrises are great. In the evening, the light reflecting off the water is amazing.

Saugatuck Studios is located on the lower level of Bridge Square (site of a former fish market). There’s an awesome river view.

That’s one secret of Saugatuck.

The rooftop is another.

What’s next? Westport eagerly awaits the revelation.

(For more information click here; then click “Class Sign Up.”)