Today’s Lovely Slice Of Life

Spectacular weather. Toe-tapping music. Plenty of room to roam.

And tons of food from more restaurants than anyone realized could be packed into one small area. Cuisine ranged from American, Mexican, seafood and health food to Chinese, Indian and — of course; this is Saugatuck — Italian.

This afternoon’s Slice of Saugatuck was a perfect late-summer Saturday event. That resurgent community shone, from the river to the railroad, along the bustling streets and Bridge Square.

Proceeds from the $5 entry fee  went to the Gillespie food pantry.

How’s that for a great slice of Westport life?

Music — not train horns or garbled announcements — filled the station air today.

Two youngsters demonstrated tae kwan do in Luciano Park.

Dunville’s was one of 24 restaurants offering free food. The sliders were a big hit.

Attending a street fair can be stressful. Saugatuck Studios offered free massages, near their Bridge Square location.

Free kayaks brought plenty of people to Down Under’s riverside dock.

6 responses to “Today’s Lovely Slice Of Life

  1. Thanks to everyone who came. Thanks to all the merchants for offering tastes of what they have to offer. It was great day. Everyone had smiles.

    Please do me a favor. If you see a Slice of Saugatuck lawn sign, please take it down and bring it to my house at 18 Ferry Lane East. I will reuse the metal stake and dispose of the sign properly. If we all pitch in we make a better and stronger community.

    See you next year!!!!

  2. So enjoyed “Slice of Saugatuck” today. I’m already looking forward to next year. I must ask though…why didn’t The Whelk restaurant participate? In my book that was a big mistake.

  3. What a great day! Saugatuck is the place to be in Westport , a great job by all the merchants, fire department , police department , and of course Mathew Mandell!!Any one with me for Mathew Mandell for fist selectman …. He gets it!!

  4. The Slice was a great event! It was A nice addition to see the Gillespie Center as a beneficiary. The Slice has also allowed the WFD to have an open house of sorts like they used to have. Finally, thank you Matt for creating and executing such a fun and family-friendly event!

  5. Thanks for the kind words. To stay with the sign issue and why helping get them back is important. Also if you grab up a few let me know I’ll swing by as I pull them up today.

    The metals for the signs cost about 90 cents. Promotion for non profits is expensive. Being able to reuse these integral parts again is both cost effective and environmentally reasonable. I picked up and got back about half the ones last year, and thus saved half the metal cost this year for the festival. I reuse my political signs as well.

  6. It was a grand day and we owe thanks to Matt, This type of event helps to bring Westport together. Please support all the establishments that were part of this. It was a pleasure to meet so many supporters. Thank you.