Prodigal Sign Returns

Chuck and Roe Halper moved to Little Fox Lane in 1970. It’s a charming cul-de-sac off Redcoat Road, and as an accomplished artist Roe soon carved a sign.

It was cute:  the name of the lane in the center of a little fox.

The sign hung at the street entrance for maybe 3 months. Then it vanished.

One of the teenagers who snagged it hid it in his house — not on Little Fox — for many years.

Eventually the home was sold. Before they moved, the owners found it. Surprise!

Not knowing their kid had taken stolen it, they gave the sign to the only people they knew on Little Fox Lane. They were not the Halpers.

The sign sat in the basement for many more years. Eventually, cleaning out the cellar, adult siblings found it. They saw Roe’s name on it, and were embarrassed. They discussed giving it back. But, they reasoned, she would be upset after more than 40 years to hear the story.

A daughter-in-law said, whoa! Someone’s name is on it. Give it back!

So, last month — the day before Memorial Day — the Little Fox Lane sign was returned to Roe Halper.

Roe Halper in her studio, with her sign.

She went right back to work. She cleaned it, layered the background for contrast, and prepared 3 coats of marine varnish.

It looks great. (As it should — it hasn’t been outside since the Nixon administration.)

Little Fox Lane Association president Yves Cantin loves it. Plans are underway to mount it once again on the corner.

This time, very securely.

6 responses to “Prodigal Sign Returns

  1. Jamie Walsh

    Daughter-in-law clearly understands the concept of Karma! Anyway…great story…happy ending!

  2. Nice story. I think they need to mount the sign at least 10 feet high.

  3. There is another great road sign in Westport on Crooked Mile. I wonder how many neat signs are out there. Sounds like a job for Dan and a future blog.

  4. Crappy builder threw ours out on Flintlock Ridge – yes I’m talking to you Mr. Toth.

  5. Leave it to many years of poor choices…instead of giving it back (or actually making an effort to find the rightful owner) as soon as it was initially found.

  6. I stole the mary jane lane sign when I was a teenager. There I’ve come clean I feel better.