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Wave Down The Winfield Delimobile

Since replacing Art’s on Post Road West a couple of years ago, Winfield Street has made a name for itself as a legendary Italian deli. (The coffee is not too shabby either.)

But you don’t have to go there to enjoy the mouth-watering menu.

Owners Breno and Jeanette Donatti have just purchased a “Delimobile.” It’s their way of servicing their corporate clients, mostly in Westport but throughout Fairfield County too. (They serve breakfast and lunch, mainly for meetings and sales presentations.)

On weekends they cater family parties, graduations, birthdays, baptisms, grand openings, real estate showings, wedding receptions — and everything else.

Winfield Delimobile

I’m a big Winfield Deli fan. I know this sounds like a promo. But here’s the hook: When you see the Delimobile, honk and say hi. If it’s safe, the driver will hand you a $5 coupon — or a cup of coffee.

Mmmmm …. Mamma Mia!

PS: In more Winfield news, they’ve been selected to run the food stand for Westport Little League this year. They’ll serve a limited menu weekdays (5:30 to 8:30 p.m.) and Saturdays (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

What’s on the  menu? You can help! Click here to request your favorites.

Sunday Funday Brunch Crunch

It’s the perfect Sunday.

First you do a tough boot camp workout.

Then you have a refueling brunch.

Finally, you cap it off with a relaxing 15-minute mini-facial.

Breno Donatti — the community-minded owner of Winfield Street Italian Deli — has organized a “Brunch Crunch” for this coming Sunday (February 11).

You start at Upper Deck Fitness, next to the ‘Port restaurant. There are 2 time slots — 9 and 9:45 a.m. – to work out in a strength-based group class (all levels welcome).

Happy — and hungry — you’ll be ready for an amazing spread of food across the street, courtesy of Winfield Street Deli. They’ll debut a new brunch and coffee menu. Participants can select anything from the revamped menu.

Stop 2 of a 3-stop Sunday fun day.

The event finishes with that much-needed facial at Organachs beauty boutique, right next to Winfield

It’s $30 a person for the workout and brunch — first come, first served. To register, email info@upperdeckfitness.com, or call 203-329-6231.

It’s another $15 for the mini-facial. Pre-registration is required — email info@organachsfarmtoskin.com.

Just tell ’em Breno sent you.

Beach Stickers: Good For Businesses?

Like all Westporters, Bruno Donatti and his wife love Compo.

In fact, they love it so much, they run 2.2 miles from their place to the beach — with a stroller and baby on board.

It’s nice exercise, and keeps them in shape.

Of course, they’d be there more often if they had a beach sticker.

The reason they don’t is because they are Westporters during the day only. They own 2 fantastic businesses: Winfield Street Italian Deli, just over the Post Road bridge (formerly Art’s), and Winfield Street Coffee, across from the train station.

The Winfield Street Deli on Post Road West.

Bruno and his staff are fully invested in Westport. They donate to every good cause. They’re part of the community. Their customers love them.

So Bruno — who lives with his wife and baby in Stamford — has a good question.

“Should a business owner like me be allowed a beach sticker? I pay property taxes on all of my equipment to the town.”

He’s looking to buy a house in town. But moving here is not easy.

What do you think, “06880” readers? Should business owners be allowed to buy a beach sticker at the Westport rate? Or at a special discounted price? Click “Comments” below.

And when you’re done, head to either of Winfield’s locations. They’re worth a detour from anywhere — even the beach.