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Y Would Anyone Even Think Of Parking This Way?

Sometimes I think the “entitled parking” photos sent in by alert “06880” readers are spoofs. Set-ups. Something other than real.

Because how in the real world could anyone come up with a parking idea as self-centered and obnoxious as this?

Y parking

But it actually happened, today in the lot behind the Y.

As the photographer noted, today’s weather featured sleet and ice. It was particularly treacherous for anyone needing a handicap spot.

But this driver (New York plates) took up not one but both handicap parking spaces — clearly marked with lines and signs.

And no, there was no handicap parking permit hanging from the mirror. No driver in sight either.

“As a native New Yorker, living in Weston, I cannot come up with an explanation why someone would park this way,” the photographer writes.

“It is much more difficult than pulling in or backing in would have been, given the tight space. As someone walking with a cane in icy weather, this is pretty frustrating.”

I hope the driver had a good workout at the Y. Particularly on the cardio equipment. Because clearly this person’s heart needs serious work.

No Reservations Here, Either

Yesterday’s caution-tape caper spurred alert “06880” reader Carol King to take this photo.

The site is the library’s upper parking lot.  Carol checked — there’s no handicap permit inside the Mercedes.

That’s no surprise around here.

But can’t the driver even bother to park illegally correctly?

The White Stripes, Part 2

The other day, “they” paved the parking lot in front of the police station — the one near the Gillespie Center and Bank of America.

It may or may not have needed it, but whatever.

Now comes the important part.

When it’s painted for parking spaces, can “they” please — please — think about what they’re doing?

For years, this was one of the worst lots in towns.  The lanes were too narrow; the rows were random.  It was bad.

I always thought our cops could have made their monthly ticket quota just by walking out the front door, then watching drivers try to navigate the whole confusing mess.