Y Would Anyone Even Think Of Parking This Way?

Sometimes I think the “entitled parking” photos sent in by alert “06880” readers are spoofs. Set-ups. Something other than real.

Because how in the real world could anyone come up with a parking idea as self-centered and obnoxious as this?

Y parking

But it actually happened, today in the lot behind the Y.

As the photographer noted, today’s weather featured sleet and ice. It was particularly treacherous for anyone needing a handicap spot.

But this driver (New York plates) took up not one but both handicap parking spaces — clearly marked with lines and signs.

And no, there was no handicap parking permit hanging from the mirror. No driver in sight either.

“As a native New Yorker, living in Weston, I cannot come up with an explanation why someone would park this way,” the photographer writes.

“It is much more difficult than pulling in or backing in would have been, given the tight space. As someone walking with a cane in icy weather, this is pretty frustrating.”

I hope the driver had a good workout at the Y. Particularly on the cardio equipment. Because clearly this person’s heart needs serious work.

14 responses to “Y Would Anyone Even Think Of Parking This Way?

  1. In addition to taking a photo, I sincerely hope the photographer phoned the Westport Police (non-emergency line, of course) and reported the moron (not the word I’m thinking, but the one I can print publicly) who did this. Absolutely despicable.

  2. Some guy took two spaces at the old Saugatuck Post Office, so I pulled in behind him and blocked his car. He came back in screaming, asking me to move. Told him I’d be glad to exit as soon as I got through the line. He said he was in a hurry. Told him he should have thought about that when he parked. I gambled that he wouldn’t GO POSTAL 😉 ha ha ha Outside he got frisky, so I suggested he be polite or I’d go for breakfast.

  3. He didn’t need a sticker, it’s obvious he’s handicapped. From the neck up.

  4. Mary Lynn Halland

    Any thoughts on polite notes we can leave on the windshield? (Maybe a cartoon of a poorly parked car blocking the gates to heaven, with St. Peter turning the driver away?) I wouldn’t want to respond to rudeness with more rudeness.

    Or should we take photos (showing the license plate) and e-mail them to the police department for ticketing? Or wouldn’t the Police be able to act on it?

  5. Richard Lawrence Stein

    That is not the first time I have seen parking like that…. I guess in this age of digital reporting and documenting we all get to see this selfish ignorance…. Hey Dan I know you are very busy but with so many other things, but you should make a once a week compilation of the Best Parking in Westport!!!!

  6. Rumor has it that most off-duty police officers are the worst parkers.

  7. I did start out by saying “another 06880 chuckle this morning.” But I couldn’t continue my comment cuz this makes me sad. Anyone handicapped, or having handicapped parents or friends as I do — this is terrible. I have a very good friend, brilliant woman — a former prosecutor, who had a stroke at 50 years old a few years ago and she survived, thankfully. I’ve had to drive her places during these past years, and I count on those spots as I need the handicapped space to be able to help her as much as I need to. You need the additional room and the closeness of the handicapped parking space to aid properly. This really bums me out as people don’t really know or is it care? how much real people with needs really count on those spots. Shame for real.

  8. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    I’ve got an idea!!!! Let’s have a contest on 06880!!!!
    Let’s see how many pictures of handicapped parking spaces we can post where there’s actually a legitimately, properly stickered handicapped person parked in the spot? Don’t hold your breath.

    Coming up next: Cathie Lee Gifford with a sit rep on Cody…..hahahahahahaha!!!!

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Not sure I understand your KLG reference, but as a person who knows Cody Gifford my interaction with him has always been very positive… He is actually a very respectful and low key young man… Trying to ding his way with famous parents

  9. The alert “06880” reader who sent in this photo has added a follow-up, and asked me to post it:

    In response to one of your readers, I stayed in the lot for a few minutes to see if anyone came out as if they might have run in to do a quick errand (still not acceptable), but I could have said something directly to the owner of the vehicle. I still think like a 60-year-old, and it didn’t occur to me to call the police from my cell phone.

    I did call the Westport police as soon as I walked in the door at home, about 15 minutes after this incident. The dispatcher did not seem particularly impressed, asking me how long it had been since I left the site. She agreed to send a car out to look but said they couldn’t do anything unless it was still parked there…not sure I felt confident that a car was dispatched,but giving the dept. credit for their hard work, assuming there was an officer somewhere in the downtown area, there was a good chance that someone could have gotten there within a few minutes. I did not receive any calls back from the Westport police. They did ask for my name.

  10. Joan Constantikes

    dan, too bad you couldnt get the license plate, report it to the police and print the name of the owner. keep up the good work. happy new year. best, joan constantikes