The White Stripes, Part 2

The other day, “they” paved the parking lot in front of the police station — the one near the Gillespie Center and Bank of America.

It may or may not have needed it, but whatever.

Now comes the important part.

When it’s painted for parking spaces, can “they” please — please — think about what they’re doing?

For years, this was one of the worst lots in towns.  The lanes were too narrow; the rows were random.  It was bad.

I always thought our cops could have made their monthly ticket quota just by walking out the front door, then watching drivers try to navigate the whole confusing mess.

2 responses to “The White Stripes, Part 2

  1. Quota?

  2. The Fresh Market zig zag parking lot just got re-white-striped and it’s still a maze. Hopefully, these folks will do it better. What are the betting odds ?