No Reservations Here, Either

Yesterday’s caution-tape caper spurred alert “06880” reader Carol King to take this photo.

The site is the library’s upper parking lot.  Carol checked — there’s no handicap permit inside the Mercedes.

That’s no surprise around here.

But can’t the driver even bother to park illegally correctly?

25 responses to “No Reservations Here, Either

  1. Again, no surprises here. And right next to the police station too. Maybe someone should donate a few Denver Boots to the library!

  2. While it may look like incorrect parking, this is an extra wide space (because it’s for the handicapped) so the car is within the bounds of all the stripes. However, parking there without a handicap permit is inexcusable.

  3. As someone with a handicap permit, I have ample evidence that it happens all the time. Never saw a car ticketed for parking in a space requiring a handicap permit.

  4. Tommy McCondle

    Self-help. Key the bastard.

  5. Lower than a snake’s belly.

  6. The sensible thing to do is take a snapshot of the car (make sure the plate number is readable) and send it to Westport’s Finest. It’s clear-cut.

  7. These stickers are always handy for these situations

  8. Joanne Romano

    Unfortunately, there are many very selfish people who only think of themselves. I leave notes on the windsheild of those who have no handicap sign in their car with a little reminder that there are people who actually need these spaces and if they weren’t so lazy they would actually park legally!.. These are usually the very same people who cut off a funeral procession, don’t move out of the way or try to outrun a police, ems or fire vehicle who are obviously going to an emergency.

    What happened to common courtesy and respect for laws?

  9. It is easy to generalize. Label. Typecast. We have gotten in a big hurry in this country for some unknown reason. Not sure where we are going so fast? With such hussle, we forget our manners and common sense. Down deep, I still think we are a caring, compassionate townspeople. We need to be reminded. Thanks to Dan for doing so.

  10. I had a good one this weekend. On the two-lane portion of Weston Road, a police officer was coming with her lights on in the opposite direction. The car in front of the officer did not stop or pull over. I, however, pulled over to the side of the road so the officer could use my lane to pass the inconsiderate vehicle. This, my friends, is the law. The guy behind me saw this as an opportune time to pass me out. Are you surprised that he was on a cell phone?

  11. Stacey Jenkins

    I am surprised you are telling us about it. Your point being that you are a careful driver? That there was a sale going on at Dunkin Donuts? Or that we don’t know the law??

    • Hi Stacey! My point was that people either don’t know the law or choose to ignore it. The car in front of the police car did not know the law. The two cars behind me did not know the law. It would be a dangerous world, indeed, if we try to second guess the motive of an officer driving a police car with flashing lights.

      • I seriously doubt they did NOT know the law. I have NO doubt that they chose to ignore it. The real doubt, however, is why the officer didn’t take their tag numbers and dispatch a fellow officer to give them a ticket. If you have no enforcement, people will do as they please. I don’t envy the police here. But most of the whining could be curtailed by enforcement of the laws.

  12. Everything’s cockamamie. I was trying to pull out of my (private) road this morning, only to find a police car parked perpendicularly at the end of my road. I waited patiently for the officer to move his car. He looked toward me, then turned his head away. I waited. He finally motioned for me to move on past — off road and into the greenery, I guess — but I was nervous I’d hit the squad car car. So I got out and walked toward him and told him that I wasn’t a good enough driver to get between him and the trees. He reluctantly moved, but only over to the right, so I had to turn all the way around him to get out onto the main road. It all struck me as rather surreal.

    This after noting many police officers who don’t signal when they turn, or who themselves don’t follow the speeding laws. (I even had an officer rear-end me in the Baldwin Lot once, but that’s another story.)

    It’s the wild west out there.

  13. Wanna see where Westport Finest are at their finest?? Sit down at ACE Hardware at 2:45 p.m. and watch the fleet of police cars driving by. Shift change and they have been sitting in the back of Willowbrook Cemetery. Also note the number of officers talking on their cell phones. Those who complain about speeders, cell phone drivers, running stop signs, tail gaters, parking challenged drivers, really need to look to enforcement and its management.

  14. Best of all is a parking “enforcement” officer at the Saugatuck RR station, who lets a commuter friend of his park in a prime spot in the merchant lot every morning. When I pointed out that this wasn’t exactly fair to the rest of us, he shrugged his shoulders.

    • That’s not right. You should notify Chief Al Fiore.

    • Hey the parking ticket guy drives around talking on his cell phone. Nearly hit me on my bike by not paying attention.

  15. Do what I have done: Note the license number and location, then call the police dispatchers at 203-341-6000 and give them the information

  16. Dick LOwenstein

    Do what I have done: Note the license number and location, then call the police dispatchers at 203-341-6000 and give them the information

  17. This morning we witnessed two classic Westport driver moves on the way to the train. First, even though we were going about 40mph on Compo South, someone went into the opposite lane to pass us. Of course, that person got stuck at the light in front of us 1 minute later. Then, when we got the red on the left turn off of bridge, they did the “cut through the dunkin donuts parking lot” move. Noted the license plate, but it was out of state, so not much to do about it. Seriously, if the Westport PD wanted to raise some money, there are about 15 places I could tell them to sit all day and the tickets would be rolling in…

  18. Princeton '82

    I am told that the Westport Police Department does not receive money from traffic tickets. It goes to the State of Connecticut. If true, it would explain the seemingly reckless abandon of Westport drivers.

  19. Yet it is up to the WPD to enforce the law regardless of where the money goes. I think we have a great police department but I am surprised that more drivers are not pulled over. I can’t make even a short trip around town without seeing numerous violations: speeding, tailgating, ignoring stop signs, talking on cellphones, no signaling, etc., etc. Is there any role ordinary citizens can perform to help or would we be told by the police to mind our own business? Does anything happen after we call the dispatcher at 341-6000?