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Roundup: Hot Yoga Closes; Book Donations; Contact Tracing; Commuter Survey; More



Hot Yoga writes:

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we tell you we are closing the doors to Westport (/Fairfield) Hot Yoga. This was a difficult decision that was made very consciously, and for a variety of reasons both in and out of our control.

“For 10 ½ years, we brought you the very best hot yoga that we know how. We also spent this time building an incredibly strong and resilient community of beautiful yogis, of which you are an integral member. This is not goodbye. This is just so long for now.

“We feel very connected to each of you in our own way, and hope we can continue to grow and develop these relationships with you, although it will not be at 877 Post Road East. With everlasting grace and gratitude — Rich, Abbey and Yogi.””

There’s a (relatively) new liquor store. An established (and much beloved) donut shop. Across the street will be a (very) new restaurant.

And — in mid-September — Outpost Pizza establishes an outpost at the site of a former dry cleaners, near Coffee An’, The Grapevine, and the new spot soon to replace 323.

Outpost has a great reputation in Stamford. Their prices are good. They’ll be welcomed to the neighborhood, for sure.

Westport Library Book Sales has been “overwhelmed by the generosity of our community.”

They resumed collections yesterday at 9 a.m. By 2 p.m. the shed was full.

Donations must be quarantined for 3 days, so no more can be accepted now. Donations resume next Thursday.

For more information, click here.

The Westport Weston Health District says: Be aware of scammers posing as COVID-19 contact tracers!

Impostors claim to work for “the sheriff’s office” or local health department. They say they need to load “contact tracing software” onto a victim’s computer. 

Do not fall for these scammers. Official contact tracers working on behalf of the WWHD or state Department of Public Health will never ask to enter your home, threaten you with a fine, or ask you for personal financial information. Anyone asking for such information is trying to steal your identity, money or both.

If someone asks to enter your home for “contact tracing,” call the police immediately.  Do not let strangers into your home.

Other things to be alert for if you receive a call:

  • Do not pay a contact tracer. Anyone who says you must pay is a scammer.
  • Do not give out your Social Security number or financial information. There is no reason why a legitimate tracer would need these.
  • Do not share your immigration status. Legitimate contact tracers do not need, and will not ask for, this information.
  • Do not download anything onto your computer. Real contact tracers will not ask you to download any software on your computer.

Contact tracing is an important component of public health, and an essential tool to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Connecticut’s contact tracing initiative is completely voluntary. There is no cost to participate. If you do participate, you may elect to receive daily health assessment reminders via text, email or phone. You will be reminded to do a simple assessment of your symptoms each day.

All information is strictly confidential. Contacts who are identified will not be given information on cases (such as the name of the person who may have exposed them).

The state Department of Transportation is conducting a brief survey about commuting during COVID-19. Answers will help the agency plan funding for future projects.

If you were or are a commuter, click here to take the survey.

MoCA Westport invites all Fairfield County teenagers interested in the arts to join its new Teen Council.

The Council will connect the museum with area youth through events, exhibitions, performances and educational programming. Teen Council members will develop strong relationships with prominent artists and community leaders as they explore their personal creativity.

Teen Council members will enjoy behind-the-scenes access to MoCA Westport — and free memberships.

Click here to apply, Questions? Email teencouncil@mocawestport.org or check out Instagram: @mocawestportteens.

And finally … happy 85th birthday, Peter Schickele!

New Westport Yoga Spot: Definitely Hot

The shopping center between Sherwood Diner and the old Bertucci’s/new-and-may-open-someday Ignazio’s Pizza — is hot and cold.


On the ground floor is Restore Cryotherapy. Clients step into chambers chilled to minus 220 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s an adrenaline-surging, toxins-removing, endorphin-producing way to burn calories, reduce pain and enhance endurance.

Right above it is a new tenant: Westport Hot Yoga.

That’s exactly like it sounds. You do all your yoga stuff — stretching, breathing, concentrating, posturing, working out — in a room super-heated to between 95 and 105 degrees.

It’s as energizing and relaxing as cryotherapy.

A recent session in the new Westport Hot Yoga space.

The studio — which opened July 4 — is not new. For nearly a decade, it operated as Fairfield Hot Yoga.

Owners Abbey Chase and Richard Failla moved here from the Sportsplex for a few reasons.

Both have long local roots. Many of their clients came from Westport. And while the Fairfield location was a hot, windowless box, their new space has a view. Granted, it’s the Post Road, but if you’re going to sweat like that it’s still better than 4 walls.

Chase is a single mom, with 3 kids going through the local schools. Failla is a former Westport police officer now working part-time as a traffic agent.

Rich Failla and Abbey Chase, in Westport Hot Yoga.

Hot yoga attracts a wide range of people. Some are in middle school. Some are in their 70s. About 30% are male.

The sweet spot, Chase says, is women 35 to 60 years old. They add yoga to their routines, to balance their other activities.

Hot yoga also appeals to people who have had knee or hip replacements, shoulder surgery or back issues, Failla says.

Westport Hot Yoga offers a variety of classes, of different lengths (and heat levels). There’s bikram, power vinyasa, and low-impact, high-intensity interval training.

The studio gets hot, sure. But the heat can be sucked out, enabling Chase and Failla to offer something here they could not in Fairfield: unheated yoga.

With Chase’s kids involved in Staples sports, she knows several Staples coaches. She’s talked with the school’s trainers about offering stretching classes for Wrecker athletes.

She and Failla are excited about their move. Their many Westport connections will serve them well here.

Early feedback is positive. Several people said the new space has “great energy.”

Between yoga and cryotherapy, the strip mall by the Sherwood Island connector is definitely hot.

And cool.

(The official grand opening is tomorrow [Friday, July 12, 5 p.m.] There’s wine, cheese and raffle prizes — including from Westport Hot Yoga’s neighbors Restore Cryotherapy and Shearwater Coffee.)