Westporters Chill Out. And Restore.

Andy Udell stood in a tall tank-like chamber. He wore just a robe, socks and gloves. Only his head was visible.

Super-chilled air — minus 220 degrees Fahrenheit — swirled around him.

His body went into vasoconstriction, reacting to ancient cues to protect itself. His heart raced. Adrenaline surged.

Blood rushed to Andy’s core, protecting vital organs. Toxins were drawn out, making his blood nutrient-dense and oxygen-rich. Endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins also coursed through his body.

Andy stayed inside — shivering and laughing. That was his reaction to both the seeming absurdity of his situation — volunteering to stand inside a ridiculously cold chamber — and the fantastic way he felt.

Andy had just undergone 3 minutes of cryotherapy. Now the rest of us can too.

Andy Udell, midway through his 3 minutes of cryotherapy.

Restore has come to the former Radio Shack store, on the Post Road across from the Sherwood Island Connector. The grand opening is tomorrow (Tuesday, November 14).

Owned by a group of local investors — including Andy — the new business is a franchise of an Austin, Texas-based company. The nearest location is Virginia.

Restore has taken over a large space. (I guess Radio Shack stored a ton of batteries and fax machines in the back.) And Restore offers a lot more than calorie-burning, skin care, pain-reducing, endurance-enhancing cryotherapy (in whole body, localized and facial versions).

There’s drip therapy. A personalized cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants helps burn fat, relieve inflammation and dehydration, and provide energy.

Two signs, in the drip therapy room.

And an infrared sauna makes you feel good by — pardon the analogy — cooking you from the inside out, like a microwave.

And a hyperbaric chamber delivers highly concentrated oxygen, while compression therapy offers leg, hip and arm sleeves. Both promote healing, particularly after races, games and workouts (for high-level athletes as well as weekend warriors).

The hyperbaric chamber.

But it’s the cryotherapy that will draw most people to Restore.

“I feel like I can do handsprings,” Andy — who back in the day was a Staples High School soccer star and is still very fit but, like many of us, now stands on the sidelines — says, emerging from his probably-felt-a-lot-longer-than-3-minutes cryo session.

“The energy boost is great. It helps my mental focus. It lasts all day, and I sleep better too.”

That sounds like quite an endorsement. Of course, you’d expect that from an investor.

So try it yourself. It sounds really cool.

I mean, freezing.

The Restore team includes Lauren Winchester, director of operations; Donna Toth, Westport manager, and lead investor David Kass.

25 responses to “Westporters Chill Out. And Restore.

  1. Is it April 1 already?

  2. Are we that vulnerable?
    FDA approved?

  3. This is like a love letter to junk science. Toxins are drawn out by blood rushing to keep your organs warm? Maybe one of the most dubious sentences I’ve read in a long time. And of course doesn’t mention that there are actual risks to some of these procedures.


  4. I’ll pass.

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Never in the field of human consumerism has so much been paid by so many to so few.

  6. David J. Loffredo

    Are we running out of stuff to spend money on?

  7. First the cell tower hysteria, and now this. Interesting sequence of posts.

  8. Dick Lowenstein

    A free commercial? What’s the cost for the “service”?

  9. This is a funky business. Hard to envision the liabilities. I’m sending this to you because it describes the future in life, not in Westport per Se

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  10. Some perspective on this from Scientific American:

    You be the judge.

  11. Michael Calise

    Long Island sound is at 64 degrees this month. sounds like a better deal to me. no beach sticker required!

  12. Laurie Goldberg

    Everyone here is reacting to the cryotherapy, but what really got me going was the ‘drip therapy’. Like I am EVER going to let someone stick a needle in my vein under anything but legitimate medical circumstances?

  13. I hate being cold so I could never do.

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  14. $60 to spend 3 minutes tricking your brain into thinking you’re freezing to death?

  15. Larry Perlstein

    I think Dan should go test ride these things and report back. Also, an infrared “sauna” doesn’t heat you from the inside out unless you count breathing in the warmed air. Thank goodness for that — I wouldn’t want to come out looking like a piece of microwaved meat!

  16. What’s that sound I hear all around this? Maybe its just all the waterfowl migrating this time of year.

  17. I know im going to get yelled at or abused for this, but ill say it anyways:

    1) when the Wright brothers worked on inventing the airplane, i would have said they are nuts, people dont fly!

    2) botox, cosmetic surgeries and thousands of elective things done to improve health or appearance or performance is a wanted market segment. Professional athletes have diet/nutrition, elevated oxygen intake and much more to stay on the cutting edge as well.

    3) Many of the vitamins you buy at stop and shop or GNC are not FDA approved

    4) hyperbaric oxygen chambers got a cool story from Joe Namath helping his brain injuries

    5) Dan Woog is a good man who simply writes about great people and new things happening in town. He never advertises.

    Ok dont everyone yell at me at once!

  18. Remember what P. T. Barnum said.

  19. Charles Seldon

    Dan, Thanks for bringing this interesting story to the attention of your readers and for providing a forum for discussion. As an immunologist, I’d like to point out both anti- and pro- inflammatory molecules are always present in our circulation and tissue (this is, of course, a gross oversimplification of the immune system). However, there are no credible scientific studies, to date, that have reported how their balance may be altered by cryotherapy. Nevertheless, there is one assurance associated with the drip therapy containing a personalized cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: expensive urine.

  20. Now I’m reminded of the spa worker in Nevada, who decided to treat herself to an after-hours session… the tank door got stuck. She was found the next day frozen solid, Twilight Zone — like.

  21. Hey, anyone want to buy a slightly used Orgone Accumulator? And by the way, Andy telling you its wonderful is not an “endorsement”. Its just advertising.

  22. William Strittmatter

    I hear the Valkee Human Charger is particularly helpful for this time of year. 87% of users recommend it. They even have studies.


    Probably could use it while getting Cryo’ed

  23. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    If you think George Costanza had a problem with “shrinkage”……