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Unsung Hero #253

A grateful reader — who requests anonymity — writes:

The panel covering the fuel door on my very old Volvo came off the other day, because part of the back had worn out. It was otherwise OK.

I called Volvo. They wanted $140 for a new and unpainted part, plus over $100 to then paint the new part — plus a labor charge (TBD).

I went to a place in Southport that wanted $100 to re-attach the fuel door. They asked me to make an appointment, and come back another day.

I then stumbled upon Westport Auto Craft on Riverside Avenue.

I had never been there before, and I did not know anyone there.

They were very, very busy. But Rich was very happy to help.

In less than 5 minutes Tommy had reapplied the part, and I was on my way.

And — get this — they did not charge me a penny.

Thank you, Westport Auto Craft!

I — and many others — have had great experiences there too. Westport Auto Craft is well deserving of this week’s Unsung Hero honors. If you know a worthy nominee, email 06880blog@gmail.com.

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Student Driver Indeed

There must be a story behind this “Student driver” Volvo awaiting repair at Westport Auto Craft on Riverside Avenue.

But I’m not sure I want to know.

And One More Great Customer Service Story

blog - Westport Auto CraftI probably drove past Westport Auto Craft 10,000 times without noticing it.

In decades of driving, I never needed a body shop.

This month, I did.

A guy in a leased Lexus hit me on Main Street.  Visions of insurance company hassles and car rental headaches filled my head long before the cop arrived.

A visit the next day to Westport Auto Craft eased my mind completely.

Ron Bowler took care of everything.  He made calls to the Lexus dude’s insurance company — and knew all the secrets (including evading voicemail) to make sure they honored the claim.

He told me I had the right to a rental car, on the other guy’s dime (or hundreds of dollars).  He made sure I got the rental — even calling to arrange for it to be delivered to me when I dropped off my own.

Ron did it all with a smile, and good humor.  And, a few days later — exactly the day he’d promised — he called to say my car was ready.

It was as painless a collision experience as I could imagine.

All except leaving the shop.  Backing out onto busy Riverside Avenue was a near-death experience.

I almost became a return customer, 6 seconds later.