Unsung Hero #253

A grateful reader — who requests anonymity — writes:

The panel covering the fuel door on my very old Volvo came off the other day, because part of the back had worn out. It was otherwise OK.

I called Volvo. They wanted $140 for a new and unpainted part, plus over $100 to then paint the new part — plus a labor charge (TBD).

I went to a place in Southport that wanted $100 to re-attach the fuel door. They asked me to make an appointment, and come back another day.

I then stumbled upon Westport Auto Craft on Riverside Avenue.

I had never been there before, and I did not know anyone there.

They were very, very busy. But Rich was very happy to help.

In less than 5 minutes Tommy had reapplied the part, and I was on my way.

And — get this — they did not charge me a penny.

Thank you, Westport Auto Craft!

I — and many others — have had great experiences there too. Westport Auto Craft is well deserving of this week’s Unsung Hero honors. If you know a worthy nominee, email 06880blog@gmail.com.

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11 responses to “Unsung Hero #253

  1. Rob and Ron and the whole crew are awesome. I would never go anywhere else.

  2. I’ve heard good things about these folks before, but I just visited their site and they only have 4 reviews—none more recent than 6/20.

    I urge Dave and other fans to show the love online where it counts. And please give some specifics about why you think they’re “great” or “awesome.” Concrete examples draw customers.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful who will help and not charge an arm and a leg. Hope he gets a lot of new business from this review.

  4. Great story about the place where I bring all of auto body / collision business. Rob and the crew at Westport Auto Craft do top notch work (that’s very important to me, as I am fussy about my cars ), and they are fair – I never feel like they have overcharged me for anything, even where insurance is paying.

    I’m glad you recognized this business and gave me a chance to add my positive experience(s).

  5. Arthur C Schoeller

    I’ve got some body work that needs doing so this came along at just the right time. I’m going to head over there!

  6. We never think twice when we need body work. Ron and Ron at Westport Auto Craft are always honest, helpful and kind. They work with insurance companies and get the work done right the first time. We get towed right there every time!

  7. Eleanor Solovay

    I have used them for years (lots of bumps in the road!).

    They are GREAT.

  8. Ron and Autocraft can make a damaged car look like it never was in an accident! Another time when Our front bumper was bumped out of alignment by a hit and run driver he said all it needed was a tap to pop the bumper back even with the fender- presto he tapped it, realigned it and said- no charge! Definite recommendation.

  9. Autocraft is simply the best, most honest and most competent body shop in FF County…

  10. Great story about a great local business. I have known Rob since we played Little League baseball together decades ago. He runs an honest, first class business and I would highly recommend them to anyone.