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Curtain Falls On Farrow & Ball, Sweet Frog

Two more popular-but-apparently-not-enough Westport stores have closed.

Farrow & Ball has vacated its Compo Acres spot, near Trader Joe’s. The UK-based paint-and-paper crafts shop’s website now directs customers to Greenwich, or one of the Ring’s End locations.

A year ago, Farrow & Ball’s intriguing window invited a peek inside.

Meanwhile, Sweet Frog has served its last frozen yogurt in the Fresh Market shopping center. The nearest Connecticut location is now Guilford.

Sweet Frog follows Peach Wave and Pinkberry out the Westport door. None of those national chains could cut it here.

So what’s the last frozen yogurt place left?

Top This – an independently owned (aka “mom and pop”) shop. It opened 8 years ago, when frozen yogurt stores were a new concept.

And Top This is downtown — just a few steps from Main Street, near the Post Road bridge.

One success story does not make a trend. On the other hand, they must be doing something right.

(Hat tips: Randall Hammond and Paul Sheldon)

Top This, Ben & Jerry’s!

The void filled by the departure of Ben & Jerry’s has been filled.

Top This — a frozen yogurtorium — has opened downtown.  It is sandwiched — gastronomically speaking — between Starbucks and Crumbs.

It’s a self-serve place.  In a 3-step process, customers swirl their own yogurt (the usual flavors — chocolate, vanilla, kiwi, tart blueberry…); add toppings (dried fruit, granola, Vegemite…); then pay.

That’s when things get interesting.  You don’t know the cost until your yogurt is rung up, because Top This has adopted Stew’s salad bar-and-hot entree price plan.

You pay 59 cents an ounce.  So coconut shavings are in; sliced bananas are out.

It’s an intriguing business model, and “06880” wishes Top This plenty of luck.

We just hope 5 Guys doesn’t follow suit.

Step 1...

...Step 2...

...and Step 3.