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Top This, Ben & Jerry’s!

The void filled by the departure of Ben & Jerry’s has been filled.

Top This — a frozen yogurtorium — has opened downtown.  It is sandwiched — gastronomically speaking — between Starbucks and Crumbs.

It’s a self-serve place.  In a 3-step process, customers swirl their own yogurt (the usual flavors — chocolate, vanilla, kiwi, tart blueberry…); add toppings (dried fruit, granola, Vegemite…); then pay.

That’s when things get interesting.  You don’t know the cost until your yogurt is rung up, because Top This has adopted Stew’s salad bar-and-hot entree price plan.

You pay 59 cents an ounce.  So coconut shavings are in; sliced bananas are out.

It’s an intriguing business model, and “06880” wishes Top This plenty of luck.

We just hope 5 Guys doesn’t follow suit.

Step 1...

...Step 2...

...and Step 3.

No More Magic Brownies

The perennial downtown Westport ice cream question — “Baskin Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s?” — may soon be moot.  I mean, mooooot.

Ben & Jerry's“06880” has learned that Ben & Jerry’s — the only place in town to buy an Imagine  Whirled Peace cone — is closing.

“The landlord wanted a 30% hike in rent,” a reader writes.  “My 17-year-old daughter lost her part-time job.”

This is disturbing news on a couple of levels.  Ben & Jerry’s has long been at the forefront of social activism, supporting important causes great and small.

The company has always looked out for its employees, also in ways great and small.

Everyone who worked there always looked like they were having fun.

Must be the Cherry Garcia.