Top This, Ben & Jerry’s!

The void filled by the departure of Ben & Jerry’s has been filled.

Top This — a frozen yogurtorium — has opened downtown.  It is sandwiched — gastronomically speaking — between Starbucks and Crumbs.

It’s a self-serve place.  In a 3-step process, customers swirl their own yogurt (the usual flavors — chocolate, vanilla, kiwi, tart blueberry…); add toppings (dried fruit, granola, Vegemite…); then pay.

That’s when things get interesting.  You don’t know the cost until your yogurt is rung up, because Top This has adopted Stew’s salad bar-and-hot entree price plan.

You pay 59 cents an ounce.  So coconut shavings are in; sliced bananas are out.

It’s an intriguing business model, and “06880” wishes Top This plenty of luck.

We just hope 5 Guys doesn’t follow suit.

Step 1...

...Step 2...

...and Step 3.

3 responses to “Top This, Ben & Jerry’s!

  1. We were there last night, it was very good.

  2. A great concept that I was introduced to when I was visiting friends in Austin Tx last year. Don’t remember the name of the shop, but it was a chain.I do have one suggestion for them. Keep a regular tart flavor on tap at all times, kinda like the pinkberry/roebeks offerings. I will be there quite often if that is the case!

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    “The void filled by the departure of Ben & Jerry’s has been filled.” Yes, but by Sunny Daes, the local ice cream/sorbeto/gelato chain that opened a store on Riverside Avenue, just south of the Post Road. Best there in the area!