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The Temperature Of Westport

When it comes to nightlife, “cool” and “hot” mean the same thing.

These days, Westport’s nightlife can be summed up in one word: “not.”

Two hip-but-nerdy researchers recently unveiled a means of measuring cool hot spots based on things like film screenings, concerts, gallery openings and fashion shows.

It examined only two cities — New York and L.A. — but once upon a time Westport had nightlife too.  There were movie theaters (five!), concerts (The Doors, Yardbirds and Cream all played here) and galleries.

Sure, we had a fashion show just last month.  The models were Staples football players and cheerleaders.  No offense but, I mean, no one confused it with Project Runway.

These days, Westport’s nightlife is confined to a tiny triangle of restaurant/bars:  the Black Duck, Viva’s and Dunville’s.  Call ’em by their initials:  BVD.

That sums up Westport’s sad night scene, doesn’t it?  No one wears BVDs anymore.

It’s time to toss off our briefs.  Westport:  Move into a boxers world!