The Temperature Of Westport

When it comes to nightlife, “cool” and “hot” mean the same thing.

These days, Westport’s nightlife can be summed up in one word: “not.”

Two hip-but-nerdy researchers recently unveiled a means of measuring cool hot spots based on things like film screenings, concerts, gallery openings and fashion shows.

It examined only two cities — New York and L.A. — but once upon a time Westport had nightlife too.  There were movie theaters (five!), concerts (The Doors, Yardbirds and Cream all played here) and galleries.

Sure, we had a fashion show just last month.  The models were Staples football players and cheerleaders.  No offense but, I mean, no one confused it with Project Runway.

These days, Westport’s nightlife is confined to a tiny triangle of restaurant/bars:  the Black Duck, Viva’s and Dunville’s.  Call ’em by their initials:  BVD.

That sums up Westport’s sad night scene, doesn’t it?  No one wears BVDs anymore.

It’s time to toss off our briefs.  Westport:  Move into a boxers world!

5 responses to “The Temperature Of Westport

  1. Jonathan Steinberg


    I totally concur with your lamentation.

    Many say skyrocketing rents and strict regulations have stifled the sort of businesses that add nighttime vitality to Downtown Westport.

    We can seek to loosen the regs, and rents probably won’t be going up in the short-term, but there doesn’t seem to be much impetus for change or, rather, impetus to return to the good ol’ days!

    Any ideas how to stimulate the ends you seek?

    • Jeez, do I have to do all the work here?! I am much better at identifying problems than solutions! “06880” readers — any ideas on Jonathan’s “stimulus” question?

  2. Legalize gambling and open up casinos and dog-tracks at Winslow Park. That would liven up the Westport nightlife!

  3. Sounds like to me that Westport represents a huge opportunity for foreign investor slash entrepreneur. It reminds me of the old, “No shoes in Africa” routine. Why develop anything because there’s nothing there. That’s the point! There’s nothing there. Everybody needs somewhere to have fun. My suggestion is to publicize the opportunity. Put Westport demographic snippets all over the web. You’ll be surprised how fast the proverbial door starts getting knocked on.