Driving Teens Crazy

Don’t drive while texting.  Don’t drive while shuffling your iPod.  Don’t drive while eating dinner.


That don’t-kill-yourself-or-others advice is plastered throughout Staples  this month, on eye-catching posters created by the school’s energetic and effective Teen Awareness Group.

Raising awareness of good driving habits is great — who could be against it?  But TAG is missing another important audience:  their parents.

Chatting on cell phones; putting on makeup; roaring through already-red lights; weaving in and out of traffic; cutting off drivers entering your lane — teenagers don’t invent these things.

They’ve got to be carefully taught.

And as much as we like to preach good driving habits, it’s our practices that youngsters follow.

Kids learn how to drive long before they’re 16.  They learn when they’re 12, 10, even 5.  They learn from the passenger seat, the back seat — even the booster seat.

Thanks, TAG, for all you do to keep young drivers safe.  If you’ve got time, start working on us old folks.

Teen Awareness group poster - Staples HS

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