About That ‘Exciting Announcement’ From Balducci’s…

Last week, Balducci’s director of marketing promised “an exciting announcement” about the company. She wouldn’t say what it was, or when it was coming.

This morning, a self-described “displaced balducci’s employee” posted this comment underneath that story: “the announcement is that Kings has bought the stores that are still open.”

A quick search of cyberspace revealed no official word. But the closing of 4 Balducci’s stores — including 2 in Manhattan — has generated plenty of press. The New York Times weighed in; so did the New York Post and the website Chowhound.

Whether you are a Balducci’s booster from the Hay Day days (back when Bear Stearns touted it as a great acquisition) or think “gourmet food” feeds into every frou-frou stereotype about Westport, the place is an institution in town.

“06880” will continue to be all over this story, like pesto on salmon.

2 responses to “About That ‘Exciting Announcement’ From Balducci’s…

  1. The Ridgefield Balducci’s is slated to close April 30. The prices are ridiculously expensive, but at least you are guaranteed good quality—and plenty of free samples!

  2. displacedbalduccisguy


    “According to Angelo Gordon’s Web site, Demme worked with the investment firm in 2006 to acquire Kings Super Markets from Marks & Spencer. “