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Happy Boxing (In) Day

Starbucks parking

Yes, of course this is the Starbucks parking lot.

Do you even have to ask?!

This Takes The (Coffee) Cake

The Starbucks near the diner is notorious for its entitled drivers. Just when you think they could not find another it’s-all-about-me way to park, they stun us with something new.

Now it’s contagious.

Alert “06880” reader Bart Shuldman spotted this sight earlier today, at the downtown Starbucks:

Starbucks downtown parking

Parker Harding Plaza is a very busy place. But this driver could not wait, like a normal human being, to find a parking spot. (Perhaps it was the lure of those special red Christmas cups.)

He or she stopped the car, put on flashers, and went inside to join the long line.

Leaving 2 children sitting in the back.

Starbucks Solves Parking Problem!

Starbucks — the wildly popular coffee place near the diner, with the crazily limited parking lot — has come up with a creative solution to that problem.

They’re moving.

From here...

From here…

Word on the street Post Road has Starbucks moving a couple hundred yards east, to Arby’s. That’s the fast-food place next to Bank of America that no Westporter has ever set foot in.

Starbucks will gain more parking spaces. Plus a drive-through.

... to there.

… to there.

The good news: There will be no more parking issues at Starbucks.

The bad news:  This will be a serious blow to “06880.”

The good news:  There are plenty more places — and Westport drivers — to pick on.

7 “No Parking” Signs. 3 Cars. Just Another Entitled Day At Starbucks.

(Photo/Chris Grimm)

(Photo/Chris Grimm)

No Joe

Earlier this fall, the downtown Starbucks closed for more than a week of renovations.

Today they’re closed again. A fire extinguisher blew last night, damaging the newly redesigned interior.

Starbucks interior

They hope to reopen this weekend.

Meanwhile, there’s always Java.

Downtown Starbucks Closes!

Alert “06880” reader Ed Hulina reports that the Parker Harding Plaza Starbucks will close at 5 p.m. today.

Not to worry, mocha frappucino freaks. It’s temporary. They’ll reopen in 10 days, on October 1.

Ed says the reason is a long-overdue remodeling. Perhaps this time they’ll do the right thing and put the seating on the window side facing the river, rather than the dark corner looking out on Post Road traffic.


Ed also worries that the move will force coffee addicts to the “diner” Starbucks, 1.6 miles east. That would flood an already overcrowded parking lot, where drivers are congenitally unable to follow signs or otherwise act like normal human beings.

So “06880” reminds you: There are 2 other Starbuckses in Westport. One is inside Barnes & Noble. The other is in Super Stop & Shop.

There’s also one on the Post Road in Fairfield, and another next to Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk.

Of course, there’s always Dunkin’ Donuts…

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

This was the scene moments ago, at the local zoo Starbucks:

Starbucks nice

Not a single car was parked in the fire lane, the exit lane, or the middle of the lot.

All is right with the world.

PS: Hold your fire. The photo was taken while stopped, at the light.


“Jackass”: Starbucks Parking Lot Edition

In the TV show “Jackass,” contestants tried to outdo previous dangerous, dumb and antisocial stunts.

In Westport’s Post Road Starbucks version of the game, drivers engage in increasingly rude, self-centered, entitled behavior.

First they park on the grass. Then they block one of the entrance/exit lanes.

Yesterday, it came to this:

Starbucks - Diane Lowman

The driver just stopped. Plopped her car in the middle of the lot. And waltzed into Starbucks, preventing everyone else from getting around.

Diane Lowman — who took the photo — told the driver when she returned, “This was a really inappropriate place to park.”

The driver got nasty. Diane took a picture of the car and plate, and called the police. The driver accused Diane of threatening and harassing her.

Diane adds, “The police officer (who was very nice, and whose time I felt badly about wasting ) said they are called daily to this location, which should never have been zoned for so many cars in the first place. He said he’s made several arrests over belligerent confrontations.”

And, Diane says, “Starbucks says it has no control over the lot, as it doesn’t own the building.”

So, she wonders: “Whose ‘problem’ is this to address, and solve?”


Just When You Think You’ve Seen Every Starbucks Parking Trick…

Lots of “06880” readers have a love/hate relationship with our occasional photos of dumb/dangerous/entitled/willfully obnoxious/spectacularly self-important parking jobs.

Sometimes, some readers cut the drivers some slack.

I dare you to try this time.

Starbucks parking 2

The driver on the left is okay. The one in the middle is exiting normally.

It’s the guy (or gal) on the right we’re interested in. He (or she) has simply parked next to the stop sign. It’s a 2-lane entrance/exit — usually. But until this Very Important Westporter gets his (or her) molasses chai orange creme frappucino (half skim, half soy, half biscotti), the rest of us will just have to wait.

Though, in a perfect world, we’d ram right through that #$%^&* car.


But Wait! There’s More!

Today’s noontime post about an entitled driver at Starbucks impelled an alert “06880” reader to send along her own story — from the very same parking lot.

The photo just seems to show the usual impatient backup outside the popular coffeeteria —


— until you read the description:

This guy (not a gentleman) was coming from the Post Road. I was headed toward it.

He thought it was his right to demand that I back up since the lane he was in was stopped, while someone waited for a car to back out of its space.

So what did he do?  He drove over into my lane and again demanded I back up.  When I refused, he parked his car in the middle of the lot and went in to grab his coffee. The lot was jammed until he returned.

Is this a new low in I’m-a-very-special-person Westport behavior? Or can you top that?

I mean, “bottom” it.