COVID-19 Roundup: Virtual Dance Party Tonight; Face Mask Collection; Business News; How To Help; Staples Rocks; The Ospreys (!) And More

Joe Agostino, an enthusiastic participant in the STAR program for people with disabilities, is a budding DJ. Tonight (Saturday, March 21. 6:30 to 7 p.m.) he’s hosting a Facebook Live Virtual Dance Party, in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day. Go to Facebook; search for @djjoegetdown — then get down!

Need a delivery of food? Medications? Toilet paper (the holy grail)?

Cup of Sugar can help. Its mission is simple: make deliveries for those who need them.

It’s simple — just click here, then click “Request a Delivery.” I’m not sure who is behind this, but for many people it could be a literal life saver.

She la la in Playhouse Square is closed. But the popular store placed a box by the front door. They’re collecting N95 masks, face shields, wipes and sanitizers for health professionals and first responders. If you’ve got some to spare — give generously!

With shipments coming in to Compo Farm this week and next, “06880” reader Peter Huggins says, “It would be great if people order flowers for delivery both to help a local business survive, and make their homes a little happier in these troubling times.”

Stacey Henske is helping ease isolation, loneliness, fear and anxiety among seniors. Kids, teenagers, adults — anyone — can write poetry, letters, short stories, essays, cards, illustrations or anything else that can be slipped under a door.

They can be dropped in a bin by the front door at 10 Poplar Plains Road, off Wilton Road. If you can’t leave the house, email; she’ll arrange for pickup. PS: Please don’t lick any envelopes!

Logan Goodman is a Bedford Middle School 8th grader with a great business customizing sneakers. Some designs are her own; others are based on famous artists’ works.

With time on her hands, she’s eager for work. Check out her Instagram (@lacedbylogan), then DM her for details.

The UPS store at 606 Post Road East next to Dunkin Donuts is considered an “essential business.” It remains open, offering printing, scanning, faxing and notary. For anyone working from home, those services can be truly essential.

Starbucks may or may not be an “essential business.” But dozens of Westporters believe it is.

They’ve voted with their feet — well, their tires. This was the scene on the Post Road at 10:45 this morning.

Gotta have that quad long shot grande in a venti cup half calf double cupped no sleeve salted caramel mocha latte with 2 pumps of vanilla substitute 2 pumps of white chocolate mocha for mocha and substitute 2 pumps of hazelnut for  toffee nut half whole milk and half breve with no whipped cream extra hot extra foam extra caramel drizzle extra salt add a scoop of vanilla bean powder with light ice  — well stirred!

(Photo/John McKinney)

Not long ago, Westporter James Mapes created a 2-disk toolkit, all about helping users manage stress.

In these stressful times, he’s giving away the download to the first 20 healthcare workers who email him ( Include your affiliation, please. For more info, click here.

Remember all those stories you’ve heard about the bands that played at Staples High School: the Doors, Cream, Sly & the Family Stone, Animals, Rascals and Yardbirds?

Remember the 2017 documentary produced by Staples grad Fred Cantor, and directed by another alum, Casey Denton? Remember how mad you were that you missed its showings in Westport?

Now — thanks to Cantor and Denton, and their desire to bring a bit of rock joy into socially isolated America — you can relive (or learn about) those amazing days.

They’ve made it available — free — on YouTube. Just click below.

And even if you’re quarantined in your room, start dancing.

Running out of things to do? Board games are great — and right around the corner.

Looking for educational toys for your schooling-in-place child? They’re right around the corner too.

Amazing Toys in Compo Shopping Center offers curbside service. So does Age of Reason on Post Road West — and they deliver (within reason). Just call ahead!

Hank May’s Tire & Auto Centers offer curbside drop-off and pick up. Call ahead to be checked in by phone. Cars can also be dropped off before or after hours. Leave keys and information in the night drop box; they’ll call back.

This has absolutely nothing to with the coronavirus, other than raising everyone’s spirits when we need it most.

Alert “06880” reader Lynn Wilson reports that the ospreys are back at Fresh Market!

The 2019 ospreys. (Photo/Carolyn McPhee)

15 responses to “COVID-19 Roundup: Virtual Dance Party Tonight; Face Mask Collection; Business News; How To Help; Staples Rocks; The Ospreys (!) And More

  1. The ospreys’ return definitely lift my heart. Welcome back you wonderful creatures!

  2. Jens Buettner

    And probably half of the people sitting in their cars in this long line in front of Starbucks were idling.

  3. Michelle Benner

    I love your round ups Dan. You’ve evolved from a daily blog to a regular hometown newspaper! (newsfeed?) Thank you!

  4. Russell Gontar

    Thanks Dan and thanks Fred for making the film available. I’ve told friends about these concerts for years and then their eyes glazed over with disbelief. Now, not so much!

  5. best to STAY home and make your own coffee… needing your lattes during a pandemic is first wold issue.. . remember the more we stay in, the less transmission of covid -19 ,and LESS chance to overwhelm the hospitals…. I know we can all make our own coffee, or there must be an app one can put to their lips a d coffee appears !!!

  6. Dan, I sent you a very long overdue donation. Thank you for all you do for us.

  7. Karen Abramson

    Your roundups are great Dan, and bringing a lot out to all of us who are feeling socially isolated. Loved the Rock Documentary!!

  8. Deborah Johnson-Ball

    Thank you Dan for the “High School that
    Rocked” I was 16 at the beginning of all this and saw many of those concerts. What we didn’t realized how lucky we were at the time.
    I’ve seen this film twice and am so happy it was released to be viewed.
    That was such a magical time.
    Thanks for the memories.

  9. David Abrams

    it was nice to finally see, The High School that Rocked, and a picture of my sister in her happier times. Thank you Fred and Dan for the posting. Is the Charlie Karp movie posted anywhere?

  10. Belatedly re: Starbucks…

    The problem seen here is because SBX stopped allowing people to park, walk into the shop, and pick up their orders (they’d closed off seating previously) – now the door remains locked and mobile orders are picked up via the drive-through window.

    I suspect a lot of people who placed mobile orders didn’t realize that they were going to have to wait in the drive-through line anyway, so drove around the block, and queued up. Not to mention that the combining of a drive-through line and a mobile-order line likely created confusion inside and slowed things further, increasing traffic even more.

    Lessons learned, I expect this will be less of a problem in coming days (they should just turn off mobile ordering for the location).