You Want Vermin With That Order?

It’s a regular “06880” feature. Not as frequent as bad/entitled/obnoxious parkers, but still annoyingly often.

The gross garbage dump in Parker Harding Plaza.

The most recent “06880” post was on June 14.

One of the 18 comments was from the Downtown Merchants Association:

The Westport DMA has developed a detailed plan for improving downtown maintenance, where a majority of the costs will be handled by businesses, with some contribution from the Town for public areas, including roads, public parking lots and public buildings. This is to include both summer and winter maintenance, as well as trash.

The Town portion is still under discussion, made more challenging in the current budget climate. However, a specific plan to vastly improve the trash situation and general appearance for Parker Harding is in an advanced stage of collaborative approval (which will include a consolidated and upgraded trash area) and hopefully will be accomplished this summer.

Well, summer has come and gone. This was the view an hour ago:

Oh — you want a closeup of whatever it is the arrow is pointing to?

Yep, that’s some form of vermin.

Just the thing to enjoy with your grande vanilla bean creme frappuccino.

14 responses to “You Want Vermin With That Order?

  1. Like the Monty Python bit about the parrot for sale: “He’s not dead, he’s sleeping!”

  2. Randy Herbertson

    The Board of Finance approval funds to their portion of the proposed renovation of the Parker Harding trash areas last evening. If this receives RTM approval at the next available meeting to present, the DMA and the Town will be moving forward with improvements.

  3. Next available meeting?????? Moving forward with improvements???? Cut thru the chase…..Where is our Health Dept now??? All a waste of time.
    Just send people on the payroll down and get it cleaned up…..digusting.

    • Yup, ordering people around always does the trick. Especially if they’re on ‘the payroll’.

  4. Michael Calise

    Its not governments role to clean up after private business.
    certainly, however, a few citations and stiff fines would be in order.

  5. Even as a small non-profit with volunteer leadership, the DMA has invested resources to clean up as much as possible – and have instituted fines for retail offenders. However, some of the problem remains private citizen who utilize the dumpsters. This will be rectified with the new set up, with attractive, but secure baracading. As it has been since 1985, this remains a cooperative venture between the Town and the DMA, as it not only involves retailers (who pay a significant portion of our tax base) but also public safety and aesthetic.

  6. looks like a former hedgefund manager….

  7. #OutdoorDining

  8. You have food trash (specifically protein) and water you are going to have rats.

  9. ..couldda stayed in NYC….I’m embarrassed for all involved. Who is responsible for this dump — the town or the stores? If this is public property, is the town empowered to fine stores and if so, how heavily and have they done so?

  10. Nancy Hunter

    Where are those pesky coyotes when you need them?

  11. Mary Attanasio

    Dear Andrew, The oil tank company is D&S and the contact is Joseph Damato.  The company was located at 12 Sherwood Street in Norwalk, 06850 in 1998.  No calls were returned and my letter was returned. I fail to see such interest in the company given that remediation followed the soil tests.   Mary

  12. I’ve heard them in the jetty at Compo too!