Unsung Heroes #124

On Sunday, I left at 6:30 a.m. for a statewide soccer coaches’ meeting in Wethersfield.

First I snagged a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Then I hit CVS, for the New York Times. (I read it online 6 days a week. For some reason, I still buy the dead-trees Sunday edition.)

It was early, so the woman behind the Dunkin’ register and the guy at CVS barely registered with me.

But as I drove north, I realized: They must have gotten up very early. They traveled here from wherever they lived (probably not Westport). They did all kinds of prep work. They served me efficiently and a smile, even though I scarcely made eye contact.

And they do that every single day.

Coffee with a smile!

I don’t know the name of the Dunkin’ woman, or the man at CVS. But I do know that they — and many others like them, at Starbuckses, gas stations, and plenty of other places around town — make our mornings much more tolerable.

So the next time you buy a coffee, bagel, newspaper, or anything else — especially if the sun is not yet up — thank the man or woman who hands it to you.

I know I will.

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5 responses to “Unsung Heroes #124

  1. Thanks, Dan. Great reminder for us all.

  2. Bonnie Connolly

    And they do it for what most likely is a very low wage. (Which makes them even more unsung in their hero status).

  3. Barbara Wanamaker

    Don’t forget those who deliver the papers. I’m out the door at 6:30 a.m. and the paper is here!

  4. Mary Schmerker

    Thanks Dan! Great reminder.

  5. Great! And you must know everything you do or you prefer to do it to achieve your goal is God, don’t give up….. Bravo to you and do enjoy it for your self…. 👀