Because Getting That Frappuccino NOW Is So Much More Important Than Blocking 3 Cars, Plus Everyone Else Behind You

Yes, she parked here — right in the middle of the Starbucks lot — this morning.

Yes, she went inside.

No, she did  not care who she inconvenienced.

(Photo/Bart Shuldman)


42 responses to “Because Getting That Frappuccino NOW Is So Much More Important Than Blocking 3 Cars, Plus Everyone Else Behind You

  1. Susan Schmidt

    In her defense at least she’s running back to the car. Guilt kicked in somewhere between ordering and waiting in the (perpetually sloth-like) pickup area.

    • Bart Shuldman

      She ran back to her car because someone was blocked in and could not get out. She didn’t care about what she did, other than she got caught. It was sad to watch. Getting her drink was much more important than the inconvenience she caused on the others.

  2. Rozanne Gates

    She’s a 90 pound suburban housewife driving in her SUV.

    • Evan Stein

      I don’t think her weight is significant.
      Nor is where she came from or where she is going. She may be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
      Doesn’t matter. It’s not a parking space.

    • Laurie Goldberg

      Rozanne, we need a link to your song!

  3. Karl Taylor

    Someone should be keeping a running account of all these inconsiderate people.. A “Wall of Shame” for pictures to be posted on with an annual “Most inconsiderate citizen” Award for repeat offenders could be established. But who will bell the cat?

  4. Marcia Falk

    To quote a line from Beauty and the Beast,” It’s a tale as old as time” .. Just when you think you’re the only person who counts and can get away with illegally parking with utter disdain for others, bingo you’re caught by a cell phone camera! Personally, I believe the folks in our community can do better. We just need to nudge them with a stickem reminder on their windshield that says something like “please consider others when you park next time!” As a community we should stand up to this selfish behavior and show the world a town that promotes courtesy and caring. Just like Westport led the way to rid grocery plastic bags, how about starting a Parking Politeness Campaign? Does anyone know if this is illegal ?
    I’ll be the first to pledge a donation to get the stickers printed!

  5. Nancy Hunter

    Probably more time wasted waiting to take the photo.

  6. Ken Runkel

    We have more than our fair share of rude, selfish, “me first” people in this town. Why is that?

  7. Robin Scarella

    Omg. Just gets better and better. Fits right in.

  8. Bruce Kent

    And you wonder why I am a male chauvinist pig?

    • Sharon Paulsen


      Do you wonder why other’s are not?

      Your MCP status is duly noted.

      Self-awareness is … a big step.

  9. Michael Don Sullivan

    Gee! I miss Westport still though! Saw many comedic parking attempts on Main St over the years!

  10. Joan Goldman

    Yes, positively! Our NEW, UGLY Place!!! And then, I think of my kind,PROPER CHILDREN,homegrown MANNERS, and watch how well. BehAved their children are!! Sometimes I think “will they b shoved around “with these INCONSIDERATES??? Ever get to the 4-way COURTESY STOP???

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  11. Dorothy Abrams

    Ken, how do you know Westport has more than its share of selfish people?

    • Ken Runkel

      Reason #1, like Polly Temple, I’ve lived in many different cities across this country and have never encountered as many inconsiderate, self-inflated people per thousand than here. Reason #2, I encounter them every day — on the roads, in the stores, and in parking lots. If you’re looking for empirical data, I haven’t conducted a study. Just everyday experience.

      • It was very different not so long ago. New people bring with them new attitudes.

        • Fred Cantor

          Michael, my understanding is that there were longtime residents in the 1950s who complained about the newcomers back then.

          • Bruce Kent

            As a 50’s “Newcomer” myself I can tell you that I encountered zero negativity from folks who where here LONG before I got off the boat (Gaults, Wassells, Mills, Hunter (Sally), Rippe, Nistico, among others. In fact, quite the opposite as I immediately “felt like had come home to a place I had never been before.”

            • Fred Cantor

              Bruce, for one thing, Max Shulman in his wonderful book, “Rally Round the Flag, Boys,” had a bit of a different take on how some of the longtime residents viewed newcomers way back then. Of course, it was fiction but still…

              • Bruce Kent

                As you point out Fred, Max’s book is fiction. I don’t have either the talent or imagination to write fiction – but I can tell you very accurately my own experiences.

        • Bruce Kent

          Roger that Michael………this ain’t your 50’s Westport no mo. Not even close.
          However, I hasten to add my fondness of what I remember Westport to be is
          among my fondest of memories. Thanks Dan Woog for keeping that remembrance alive. Well worth having to wade thru the “Nieu Westport” BS occasionally.
          Anyway, it is great sport to twist liberal tail.

  12. Good one! Wonder if she reads Dan’s blog?

  13. Polly Temple

    I’ve lived all over the United States and I’ve never experienced more me first people anywhere!

  14. Jack Whittle

    Regarding the “another example of entitled / me first Westporter” – our Town during the day is infused with out of town drivers; and in this instance, does that even look like a CT license plate on the poorly parked car?

    • Bill Coley

      I don’t think Westport has a monopoly on rudeness, but I think people in the Northeast are less friendly and less considerate than people in the Midwest and the South (admittedly, a gross generalization). Could be related to affluence / self entitlement, overcrowded highways, etc. Also, I think that rudeness can be contagious.

    • Nancy Hunter

      I confess. It’s me and my BC license plate. sigh.

  15. Aux Delices is across the street and better in my opinion.

  16. Bart Shuldman

    Dan. The car had a license plate that was not CT. There is a very good chance the woman does not live in a Westport.

  17. Andy Yemma

    Westport may not have a monopoly on rude behavior or parking manners, but it does seem to have a well functioning “Parking Paparazzi” thanks to Dan Woog!

  18. David Loffredo

    My eyes aren’t great but that looks like a Buick with out of state plates.

    • Werner Liepolt

      Florida. That’s where Westporters with tax savvy live these days.

    • Bart Shuldman

      David. Being the person who sent the pic to Dan, I do believe the person was not a Westport resident. The license plate was not CT.

      I read all the posts, including those about Westport residents. Yuk.