Staples Tuition Grants: The Story Behind The Tagline

Since 1943, Staples Tuition Grants has helped ensure that no Staples High School graduate is denied a college education because of financial need. The all-volunteer organization has awarded millions of dollars, and impacted thousands of lives.

Its recipients are grateful. So are its donors — many of whom contribute to funds named for teachers, classmates or family members who have died.

Some of the awardees at the 2015 Staples Tuition Grants ceremony.

But many other people who could help — or be helped by — STG stay uninvolved. The reason: Its name.

Some folks think “Staples Tuition Grants” help pay for tuition to the high school. Others wonder why a public school needs money in the first place.

When Lee Saveliff became donor co-chair 3 years ago, she wanted to spread the word that Staples tuition grants actually help graduating seniors and students already in college (and vocation schools).

She and co-chair Kate Andrews ramped up publicity. But they kept searching for new ways to send the message.

At last, they’ve got one. It’s spectacularly simple: A tagline.

From now on, the logo and all print material will say: “Staples Tuition Grants. Closing the college tuition gap for graduates since 1943.”

It’s simple. It’s clear.

And it’s rolling out already.

The tagline appears on publicity for a fundraising event. This Saturday (May 6, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.), Indulge by Mersene will donate a portion of all profits to STG.

Mersene’s Railroad Place store is a fantastic place for unique items — including “06880”-themed pillows, apparel and more. They’re perfect for (hint, hint) graduation gifts.

Mersene is doing her part for Staples Tuition Grants.

And on Saturday, if customers ask what STG is, she just has to point to the new logo.

An “06880” pillow at Indulge by Mersene.

(Can’t make it to Indulge by Mersene on Saturday? You can still contribute! Click here, or mail a check to Staples Tuition Grants, PO Box 5159, Westport, CT 06881-5159.)

3 responses to “Staples Tuition Grants: The Story Behind The Tagline

  1. Fred Cantor

    Terrific tagline.

  2. The Flat, next to Indulge by Mersene, will also be donating a portion of proceeds to Staples Tuition Grant!! Swing by and take a peek to see its unique furniture and home accessories, perfect to enhance your home décor.

  3. Luisa Francoeur

    The tagline is a great idea. Unfortunately the idea that students at Staples do not need tuition assistance is prevalent and completely misguided. I was on the board a number of years ago and there was a student who would have lost their permanent housing (Westport Housing Authority) by going away to college and so could not use the tuition grant awarded. This student’s father was not in the picture and then the mother died leaving the student the only occupant of the permanent housing. There are a multitude of stories and many families who need the assistance due to severe medical problems or divorce. This is a wonderful program for our community.