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Roundup: Longshore Sailing School, Silver Ribbon, Lynsey Addario …


Longshore Sailing School has a great reputation. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and hardworking. Even when they’re swamped (ho ho), they handle everyone — students, renters, people who have no idea what they want — with care and concern.

So things must have gotten really bad for them to post this last Saturday, on social media:

The physical and emotional well-being of our staff and customers is our number one priority. We reserve the right to ask any renter/student to cease visiting our facility if their behavior is deemed to be inappropriate, especially when directed at another customer or Longshore Sailing School employee.

After dozens of “likes,” they added:

We love what we do, and we lover our staff. When you visit, we ask for kindness and readiness for a good time! Get ready for a stellar Sunday! Forecast is looking gorgeous.

It was a great weekend. Let’s hope whoever has been harassing the staff got the message, and took a hike.

Or at least took their obnoxious, entitled behavior elsewhere.


Deputy Fire Chief Michael Kronick is back in Westport. He just completed a 2-week wildfire assignment with the Connecticut Interstate Fire Crew, battling wildfires in Minnesota and Montana.

Westport Fire Chief Robert Yost says, “I’m proud to welcome back our deputy, who epitomizes Westport’s values of sacrifice and service to others. When communities and states need help, we can support our neighbors in their time of crisis battling dangerous wildfires. The experience and knowledge he gained in working a large-scale incident are invaluable to us.”

Deputy Fire Chief Michael Kronick, in action out west.


Another longtime Westport business is closing.

Silver Ribbon — for 45 years, a favorite destination for jewelry and more — will shut its doors in the small shopping plaza next to Fortuna’s when its merchandise is gone.

Signs outside say “Going Out of Business.” Inside, they talk about a “Retirement Sale.”

Good quality goods, at all price points, are still available.

Silver Ribbon, next to Fortuna’s.


The headline on yesterday’s Atlantic story was strong: “The Taliban’s Return is Catastrophic for Women.”

The subhead was even stronger: “As a photojournalist covering Afghanistan for two decades, I’ve seen how hard the country’s women have fought for their freedom, and how much they have gained. Now they stand to lose everything.”

The byline read “Lynsey Addario.” As usual, the Staples High School Pulitzer Prize- and MacArthur “genius grant”-winning photojournalist delivered even more than she promised.

Click here to read the full, harrowing piece. (Hat tip: Kathie Motes Bennewitz)

An Afghan woman (Photo/Lynsey Addario, courtesy of The Atlantic)


The hits just keep on coming for Courtney Kemp.

The talented writer/producer /creator of Starz’ “Power” franchise — and 1994 Staples High School graduate — has just signed a “high 8-figure overall deal” with Netflix. She’ll “create new series, and develop other projects for a global audience through her End of Episode banner,” says Deadline. Click here for the full story. (Hat tip: Judith Hamer)

Courtney Kemp


COVID knocked the Westport Writers’ Workshop classes onto Zoom. But now they’re back — and in a great new location.

The new gallery-like teaching and event space is 25 Sylvan Road South — just down the hill from the previous site. It’s perfect for workshops, readings, publishing events and collaborations with other nonprofits.

Remote options are still available. Click here for fall schedules — and mark your calendars for an open house on September 9 (6 to 8 p.m.).


Piglet — Westport’s very famous deaf, blind rescue puppy — will appear with Melissa Shapiro, the veterinarian who made him famous — at the 3rd annual Smart Walk for Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. The event is October 3, at Sherwood Island State Park.

Shapiro will talk (and Piglet will watch) about her new best-selling book, “Piglet: The Unexpected Story of a Deaf, Blind, Pink Puppy and His Family.”

“We can’t wait to share a little positive Piglet Mindse with everyone after the walk,” Shapiro says.

The Smart Walk is a day of crafts, games, music, ice cream — and the fundraising walk. Click here for more information, and to register.


It’s pretty tough to come up with an all-new category for “dumb parking.”

But Rich Stein thinks he’s found one:

(Photo/Rich Stein)


Longtime Westporter Barbara Reis has spent over 50 years writing musicals.

They’ve been produced at the White Barn Theater, Fairfield Playhouse, Orpheum in New York and others.

She and collaborator Nancy Tobin have just completed “My Millionaire.” The musical is based on a Mark Twain short story.

They believe a presentation at Mark Twain’s former house would be great. They’re also looking for other ideas. Unfortunately, her agent has died. So she’s looking for help from “06880” readers, to move the show along.

If you’ve got ideas — or are interested in learning more — email barbarasmusic@sbcglobal.net

Produce this man’s short story musical!


Our “Westport … Naturally” feature has never included sports. There’s always a first time …

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)


And finally … Nanci Griffith died last Friday, at 68. The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter “kept one foot in folk and the other in country, and was blessed with a soaring voice equally at home in both genres,” the New York Times says. Click here for a full obituary.

Stop And Shop Here

Here is what I did not do on (aptly named)  “Black Friday”:

  • I did not pepper-spray fellow shoppers to keep them from an Xbox I wanted.
  • I did not get into fistfights, or stab anyone.
  • I did not shoot anyone in a parking lot.

All that happened at Walmarts, from Milford, Connecticut to California.

Thank god we don’t have a Walmart in Westport.  Though, Lord knows, the soon-to-be vacant YMCA would be a great spot for one.  Talk about bringing action to downtown!

While Westport stores did not open at 10 p.m. Thanksgiving Day — we may be crazy about shopping, but we’re not lunatics — Main Street was mildly to moderately packed this weekend.  I didn’t see anyone I knew, though.  Maybe Yogi Berra was right:  Nobody goes there anymore.  It’s too crowded.

Thanksgiving weekend in downtown Westport.

I’m not sure what attracts out-of-towners to downtown Westport.  Banana Republic, Eileen Fisher, The Gap, J. Crew, Pottery Barn — those are not exactly unique stores.

Of course, there are plenty of local businesses.  And just as the farmers’ market focuses attention on home-grown bounty, this shopping season should spotlight Westport merchants.

No, Mitchell’s doesn’t weave its own cloth.  But here’s what they do:  They always step up to support Westport organizations.  Buy an ad for our program book?  Donate something to our auction?  Help out a kid in need, with no public recognition?

Sure!  Just tell us what you need! says Bill, Jack or any of the 3rd-generation Mitchells now running the store.

When was the last time — to pick a name out of a hat —  Brooks Brothers did something like that?

Steve Silver, in the store that bears his name.

Same with Silver’s.  And Silver Ribbon.  And Sally’s Place.  Think of how many times you’ve seen their ads in programs.  They support school plays, sports teams, every fundraising effort imaginable.

The farmer’s market supports local, sustainable agriculture.  This holiday season, let’s support local, sustainable businesses.

We don’t do all our shopping at farmer’s markets, of course.  Sometimes we go Stop & Shop.

You won’t find every gift at a locally owned store.  If you were to get me, say, a gift certificate for books, I’d recommend Barnes & Noble — it’s close, convenient, and we long ago drove every independent bookstore out of town.

All I’m saying is, stop before you shop.  This month, think about supporting the Westport merchants who, month after month and year after year, support Westport.

Just stay away from Walmart.  You may not make it out alive.

Slow News Day

News 12 dispatched its mobile unit, a reporter and cameraman to Playhouse Square, the scene of last night’s break-ins at Silver Ribbon and Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club.

It doesn’t seem like much of a story.

Then again, this isn’t much of a blog post.