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Robeks Runs Out Of Juice

With its fellow Compo Acres tenants, Robeks endured weeks months years of construction.

Robeks logoFinally, it’s over.

But so is Robeks.

Today, the smoothie shop stands empty.

Don’t count on traffic to ease up for long in the notoriously difficult parking lot, though.

Chipotle opens soon.

Lazy Is As Lazy Does

Of all the stupid, entitled — and dangerous — “tricks” that Westport drivers do, one of the most obnoxious is driving directly over the curb near Robek’s and Silver’s. Why snake around to the traffic light if you don’t have to are very special?

I mentioned it just the other day, in my “Guide For Summer Guests.”

Some people thought I was exaggerating.

But even I couldn’t make up this photo, taken a few minutes ago by alert — and astonished — “06880” reader Heidi McGee:

If you can read the license plate, you’re already amazed.

If not, trust me. I’m not making this up.

It’s a vanity plate (of course).

And it says “LAZY.”

Stupid Driving Tricks

There must be a story behind how the driver of this Range Rover ignored the arrows, sailed past a parking lot full of cars parked the opposite direction in front of Silver’s, Robeks and other stores — on both sides of the Compo Acres lane — before blithely pulling in this way.

There must be a story — but I don’t want to hear it.