Stupid Driving Tricks

There must be a story behind how the driver of this Range Rover ignored the arrows, sailed past a parking lot full of cars parked the opposite direction in front of Silver’s, Robeks and other stores — on both sides of the Compo Acres lane — before blithely pulling in this way.

There must be a story — but I don’t want to hear it.

16 responses to “Stupid Driving Tricks

  1. The Ford product only goes in reverse?

  2. Pheidippides

    It is an English automobile so he/she was driving on the wrong side of the road?

  3. The Dude Abides

    Sunday drivers can do whatever they want?

  4. Innocent Bystander

    The driver saw the 20% off sign and made an emergency exit?

  5. Working Rage-aolic

    The person in the far ground in white pants was going to rob the Patriot Bank and the Rover is the getaway car?

  6. The Blue BMW is actually pushing the Rover?

  7. Gary Singer

    The Rover is actually a set of suitcases and attache
    cases, placed there by Steve Silver as a Father’s Day promotion, in a hope that Dan Woog would see it and feature it on 06880.

  8. Daniel Faraday

    No one’s ever ACTUALLY been to the winged monkey?

  9. Addison Fletcher

    The driver, suffering from sun stroke after the sand castle competition at Compo Beach while doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle, stopped by the Black Duck for way too many whiskey sours and then fell asleep during the rendition of Mama Mia at the Playhouse, only to be awakened by deafening sounds of fire engine sirens, stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts and became so distraught when he did not receive a thank you after tipping over 50% to a Afghanistan immigrant, he drove in reverse to the Winged Monkey, which was closed for its spring sale?

  10. Carl A. Swanson

    Good news. The mystery has been solved. The Range Rover belongs to a surgeon who lives on Greens Farms Road. He suffers from a severe myopia that prohibits his vision in correct patterns but instead, in total reverse. Bad news:
    He is performing your hernia operation on Tuesday. Have you had your tonsils out???

  11. Typical… I do what I want!

  12. I will choose to believe that after the driver of the Range Rover very kindly took time out of his/her busy schedule to give the stranded BMW driver a battery jump, the BMW driver insisted on taking the Range Rover driver into Silver of Westport to purchase him/her a new Montblanc pen. I’m a glass half-full girl all the way ….

    • Actually, I was thinking the Range Rover stopped just a few inches short of having a head-on collision. I’m a glass-half-empty guy.

  13. Linda Smith

    Bet in the original jpeg, Dan, you can read the license plate number and could find out from the police or DMV who owns the car and show them this blog article and say that 14 people making comments (and a thousand readers) would love to hear if he/she has a logical explanation! I’m a glass-half-full person who can’t think of an explanation but maybe there is one.

    You find the best stories around town.

  14. I think Dan was correct in his first statement:
    “There has to be a story . . . but I don’t want to hear it.” Actually we probably slandered the hell out of the driver and he/she will most likely sue “06880” blog and Dan Woog personally as well as all the contributors and we will lose all our negative equity homes and card card balances and end up destitute living under the Greens Farms underpass in cardboard boxes handing out Chinese restaurant menus. Oh, I forgot, that is going to happen anyway. Let’s go ahead and find the sucker!