Heading Back To Elvira’s

Summer is finding its way here in fits and starts.

When it arrives, the crew at Elvira’s will be ready.

The small store on Hillspoint Road, opposite Old Mill Beach, is open year round.

Fall, spring — and, of course, winter — are quiet times.  Contractors, lawn guys and deliverymen stop by; so does everyone in the neighborhood, from commuters grabbing coffee and parents picking up pizza, to area kids who pop in and out several times a day.

A school bus stopped there one recent morning.  A couple of children ran out, grabbed energy drinks and cookies a very healthy breakfast, then hopped back on the bus.  There was not enough time to pay; they must have put in on their tab, as so many area families do.

For most of the year, Elvira’s serves the neighborhood.  Parents leave messages behind the counter for their kids; the owners and other help — most of them family members — look out for those same youngsters as if they were their own.

The bonds were solidified in 2003, when neighbors rallied to save the grocery store/deli/pizzeria from possible doom.

Elvira’s is headed into its busy season.  For the next few months, from opening to closing, the place will be packed.  New faces will appear — folks who don’t know the menu by heart, who ask for the one thing the store doesn’t carry, who don’t clean up after themselves outside.

Elvira’s will treat them with the same warm smiles, open hearts and overstuffed wraps they provide their most loyal customers, the ones who are there in the dead of winter.  They’ll be swamped this summer, but they’ll still have time for everyone.

Elvira’s is that kind of place.  It’s the Westport of our dreams.

9 responses to “Heading Back To Elvira’s

  1. Carl A. Swanson

    And they say “thank you” too!

  2. Elvira’s is that neighborhood place where everybody knows your name.

  3. Cheers!

  4. tom feeley

    Great food served with a smile 🙂

  5. And great pizza too!

  6. Wendy Crowther

    I was working as a planting volunteer this past weekend at Westport’s newest park (Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve located at the former Allen’s Clam House site) – it’s just down the street from Elvira’s. The Preserve Committee bought pizza from Elvira’s for the volunteers at lunchtime. It was GREAT pizza. Neighborhood folks know how great Elvira’s is but I don’t live in the neighborhood so rarely think of it as a destination. Next time I’m enjoying the new park or the beach at lunch or dinnertime, I’m headed to Elvira’s!

  7. I am one of the owners of elviras and I would just like to say thank you to Dan and to everyone for all your wonderful comments…! I am happy that my family and I are still around after 14 years and we would of never have done it without westports support…
    thanks again

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