Lazy Is As Lazy Does

Of all the stupid, entitled — and dangerous — “tricks” that Westport drivers do, one of the most obnoxious is driving directly over the curb near Robek’s and Silver’s. Why snake around to the traffic light if you don’t have to are very special?

I mentioned it just the other day, in my “Guide For Summer Guests.”

Some people thought I was exaggerating.

But even I couldn’t make up this photo, taken a few minutes ago by alert — and astonished — “06880” reader Heidi McGee:

If you can read the license plate, you’re already amazed.

If not, trust me. I’m not making this up.

It’s a vanity plate (of course).

And it says “LAZY.”

45 responses to “Lazy Is As Lazy Does

  1. Brett Aronow

    Great pic!

  2. Westport Dad

    Too Funny ———– Tks!

  3. Hey Dan,
    I see it all the time there and like yourself, I get really ticked. How about a row of parking meters to act as a deterrent?

  4. It never occurred to me to drive over the sidewalk.. Can a proper curb be created? But then drivers like LAZY would drive over the bump. Why are people in such a rush?

  5. jack sparrow

    relax. don’t get your panties in such a wad.

    did sister far-too-pious rap your knuckles when you couldn’t keep your crayons inside the lines?

    the traffic pattern around Trader Joes totally sucks anyways; so scoot the curb and cut congestion for your fellow drivers

    to quote Captain Barbarossa, “the [parking] code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.”

  6. Priceless!

  7. @ Anti — I’m pretty good at acronyms, but you’ve stumped me.

  8. hilarious

  9. Sunday night as I was driving up the Post Road about 7:30pm someone did just the opposite right in front of me… They pulled off the Post Road, across the sidewalk and directly into a parking spot !

    I wish I had my camera ready to snap the photo!

  10. Apart from `not driving on sidewalks’ are there any other `guidelines’ we should know about? (Apart from the guideline to stop at red lights; that’s a given).

  11. David Pogue

    Driving over the curb isn’t the solution. But I do have to say, the prescribed method of getting out of that Robek’s “lot” is RIDICULOUS! Best I can tell, they want you to make a RIGHT at the end of the lot and wend your way through the bank parking lot or something?

  12. I’ve never heard you so angry, Dan … And I’ll thank you to stop photographing my car!

    • Ummm — I think the blog post said that “an alert reader, Heidi M..” took that photo? Dan did not snap that photo if I’m reading the post correctly? This is a fascinating study of dysfunction turning on the light shiner — one who shines the light on the darkness gets attacked — typical. Is there really ever an excuse to drive on a sidewalk anywhere so one can get on with their “more important than your life” life? Glad there wasn’t an elderly person or a small child in carriage there.

      As a small child, I was sitting a shopping cart outside of the old McClellan’s as my parents were involved in a long conversation with a neighbor in parking lot. My cart began to roll, pick up speed and rolled almost out into the street before my dad caught it — I’m certainly glad JL wasn’t driving at that time. People were gracious and all tried to stop the rolling cart with a three year old in it. I still remember that day and so glad you weren’t driving on the sidewalk I rolled onto, JL. Give me a break. Keep at it Dan and keep Westport safe.

  13. This is better than a red-light camera. I hope the Westport police ticket the car.

  14. The best solution to that lot’s traffic flow would be to make the front drive lane a one way going the other way. But then drivers would probably pull U-ies over the sidewalk into trafffic!

    • That is a brilliant idea.

      Anyone want to take this bull by the horns and make it happen?

    • Westport Convert

      That’s a terrible idea. How do you expect the cars to get to the front of those stores?

      If it’s one-way going the other way, they’d have to make major landscaping & pavement changes in order to turn right (onto that lane) as they enter at the traffic light across from compo center.

      It would create unbelievable congestion at the entrance, as cars try to find parking spaces and wait for other cars to pull out. Awful, awful, awful.


  15. Dan, you brought this up many blogs ago and ever since, I do it whenever I’m parked there. It’s a great idea and actually is safer than negotiating the madness by TJs front door. Never thought about pulling in over the curb/sidewalk, but I’ll try that next time. Thanks for all the time saving suggestions. Jacks comments on the parking lot are right on.

    • I do what Speedo does and for the same reasons. I have a perfect driving record and I’m careful not to ding others cars in Westport’s parking lots; want to keep it that way. In other towns this isn’t considered much of a violation but more good common sense.

  16. So, because the traffic flow in the parking lot doesn’t suit you, you blatantly disregard the law and the safety of other drivers? While I certainly agree that the traffic pattern in that lot is bad, I simply #1 avoid going there and/or #2, drive around to the back to park and then follow the BIG white arrows that tell me where it is legal to drive and exit the lot. Shocking, I know.

    • Aren’t you a goody two shoes? So obedient.

      • Why yes, yes I am!!! I doubt ANYONE has ever called me “goody two shoes” I’ve been know to swear and scream at all the people on the roads today (Westport and beyond) who have no freaking clue how to drive or obey the simple rules of the road. I guess it’s my naivete talking when I say I wish people in general would just be more courteous and aware of their actions.

  17. Eric Buchroeder

    Block off both ends of the Post Rd. and both ends of Wilton Rd. and Compo Rd. respectively and either turn Westport into a walking town or install airport type traveling sidewalks for those who may be how we say, physically or abdominally challenged. If Mackinac Island can do it so can Westport.

    • Westport Convert

      Long Live Socialism.


      • Eric Buchroeder

        We will bury you.

        • You must have missed the memo; your buddies in the USSR tossed in the towel before they could bury anyone, and the Chicoms are are eating KFC.

          • Eric Buchroeder

            I miss only Westport and have no buddies in the USSR since Gorby screwed up a great country. KFC? Kentucky Fried Chicom? Did they serve that at West Lake? Where is WC when I need a Water Closet?

    • George Jetson

      We should put all of the buildings on tall poles and drive around in hovercrafts. If Orbit City can do it, so can Westport. ;<)

      • Eric Buchroeder

        You don’t need hovercraft the town is already spaced out. Just use the Saugatuck River to go North /South and LI Sound to go East/West. Most of the 1% are used to walking on water and the rest will just have to hold their breath and walk fast.

  18. My parking jobs look eerily similar. Mine aren’t from laziness, however. I remember laughing at old people parking like this.. It doesn’t tickle my funny bone anymore.

    • Westport Convert

      That is not a parking job. That is someone in the middle of trying to exit the lot.


      • Eric Buchroeder

        Water Closet,
        I don’t mean to pick nits with you but let’s assume that they are exiting the lot, then technically they are completing the parking job. After all, if parking the car starts by pulling into the parking spot then it can’t end until you’ve pulled out and left. So MPG is right and you’re wrong.

        • Westport Convert

          You have no idea how the car was parked. You are seeing the car captured in a brief moment of time, as it is pulling out. Who’s to say the driver didn’t properly park in a space?


  19. This parking lot has been the same for at least 50 years. Who(m)ever designed it this way was certainly not preparing for Westport to have as much traffic as it does today. It probably should be altered to keep everyone safe, drivers and pedestrians alike!

  20. Anothercitizen

    Great photo Heidi. What a stupid driver. He/she should lose her lisence!