It Only Took 19 Years…

…but Viva Zapata finally has a website.

Now — just like any other restaurant — you can click for info on hours, menus and (who needs this?) directions.

Unlike any other restaurant website, you can also find everything you need to know about Emiliano Zapata.

I asked owner Bob Omahony what took so long.

“Laziness?” he replied, with spectacular honesty.

Go celebrate Viva’s entrance into the 21st century with a margarita.

Click here for directions.

11 responses to “It Only Took 19 Years…

  1. Nick Thiemann

    Also, why didn’t Duke Merdginger do it in its existence the 20 years or so before that. Does anyone have a picture of the original Viva Zapata in the closed Carvel where Playhouse Square now stands?

  2. There weren’t any restaurant websites 19 years ago. According to Wikipedia, the only restaurant to register a website prior to 1995 was a Pizza Hut somewhere in California…

  3. Duke left the restaurant business about 17 years ago.

  4. Wow Nick, you are dating yourself. That was the original location before it burnt down. If anyone has pictures and would like to share them with us, I would love it.

  5. The Black Duck Cafe doesn’t even have a web site.

  6. disappointed

    I was there a few days ago – the outdoor space smelled suspeesciously of poor sanitation , the food was not so good and the service slow. Other than that…

    • Westport Convert

      Surprisingly enough, I have found that Viva is a Westport gem. All of my friends and family love it — service and food is always top notch.

      Too bad you feel differently!


  7. The food has always been great every time I go and out of town guests love the place. The service is on Mexican speed, but they let you linger and never rush you like some of the more “sophisticated” restaurants. The outdoor space smells like outdoors! Surprise!

  8. Gwen Dwyer Lechnar

    I’m afraid the website needs work, unless it’s just my cluttered old laptop which is quite possible. Ran into trouble clicking on the menu. I see BobO continues the traditions of the heavy metal plates and the Mason jars for the frozen drinks; I was just idly curious to see the prices. I have, kicking around somewhere, the menu from 40 yrs. ago, when I started working there!That menu was designed by Nucia, Duke’s lovely wife at the time, and my copy has on it a cartoon by Bil Keane, who dropped by occasionally. (As did Paul Newman and Robert Redford.) It also sounds, unfortunately, like the “tradition” of the lousy sanitation continues—I will spare you all the stories on that score. I’m sure BobO has fixed that all up and the smell recently was probably from being on the river in flood(?)