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Friday Flashback #84

Last weekend, this section of the Post Road was the site of a large rally protesting gun violence.

In years past, big crowds have gathered here for other events: A 1936 campaign speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. An anti-war demonstration in 1969. Welcoming home the Little League World Series heroes of 2013.

Most days though, it’s just the Post Road near Main Street.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Ehrismann)

Besides the cars, traffic light, lampposts on the far right — and the fact that Westport Bank & Trust is now Patagonia — little has changed in the 70 or so years since this photo was taken.

Let’s see what the next 7 decades bring.

Smooth Sailing

An alert (and grateful) “06880” reader sent this along:

Thanks, Dan, for your blog about the huge dip in the road at Roseville & Post Road.  We went out to vote (yesterday) morning and saw that asphalt has been put down over the spot so that now the transition in moving from one road to the other is smooth.  I am not certain what levers you may have pulled to effect this change, but our car will be eternally grateful.  Now on to the timing of the signal lights.

“06880” would like to take credit for this near-instant response by The Powers That Be.  But we can’t.

At least, we don’t think we can.

The Town (and its subcontractors) work in mysterious ways.  At any rate, enjoy the ride.

And about those signal lights…

Where Have All The Flowering Trees Gone?

Yesterday afternoon in front of the new Fresh Market

Yesterday afternoon in front of the new Fresh Market

Last month, “06880” praised the greening of the old Shaw’s parking lot.

Yesterday morning, the flowering cherry trees that stood between the lot and the Post Road were gone.  Only the stumps remained.  Several hours later, they vanished too.

Westporters wonder:  Why were the beautiful, mature trees removed?  Will they be replaced?  If so, by what?

An upscale store moves into Shaw’s next month.  Right now, the new Fresh Market is fronted by lots of dead space.

Feeling Fenced In

Long Lots at Post Road, Westport CT

You may be able to surround property with something uglier than a chain link fence, but I don’t know how.

This one appeared at the foot of Long Lots Road, where it runs into the Post Road, a day or so ago.  I knew the Toyota dealership used to park cars there — a few steps away from their lot — so I gave them a call.

Tom Coppinger, general manager of New Country Toyota, quickly explained that those cars belonged to the previous owner:  Crabtree Toyota.  They were parked on a month-t0-month rental — but it was a non-conforming use, so the new owners had to stop.

Tom had noticed the “Space Available” sign by the fence, and hoped to use it to expand.  But it backs up to residential property, so he’d never get approval.  He’s looking “all over town,” he said, for space.

So, I wondered:  Is Toyota a dealership that — defying all automotive trends — is doing well?”

“Not fantastic,” Tom admitted.  “We’ve reduced staff.  But we’re certainly busy.  Our Land Cruiser and Sequoias — the biggest models — are not doing well.  But all the other brands are.

“It’s not the best of times, but we’re holding our own.”

So keep your eye out for a spot where New Country Toyota can move.  And let’s see which new bank — I mean, building — ends up on one of the last remaining open parcels of Post Road land.