Where Have All The Flowering Trees Gone?

Yesterday afternoon in front of the new Fresh Market

Yesterday afternoon in front of the new Fresh Market

Last month, “06880” praised the greening of the old Shaw’s parking lot.

Yesterday morning, the flowering cherry trees that stood between the lot and the Post Road were gone.  Only the stumps remained.  Several hours later, they vanished too.

Westporters wonder:  Why were the beautiful, mature trees removed?  Will they be replaced?  If so, by what?

An upscale store moves into Shaw’s next month.  Right now, the new Fresh Market is fronted by lots of dead space.

7 responses to “Where Have All The Flowering Trees Gone?

  1. The plan is for a jumbotron, bigger than Stew’s, to promote healthy food and living green….

    Don’t it always seem to go till you don’t what you got till its gone ……

  2. Let me get this straight.
    Mature, living trees were removed to put up a jumbotron to promote green living???

  3. stranger things have happened in town… i was jesting

  4. Time flies. There are now 4 very small trees in front of the store. Can’t quite see the logic of replacing mature trees with midget trees.

  5. Yes, when I drove by the site around 7:45 a.m. this morning, the new (tiny) trees were already planted. I pass the spot several times a day and must admit that the former trees were completely defoliated, as are many of the flowering trees in town. I’ve heard it’s caused by something called “rust” which comes from nearby junipers. Though sprays can be used to help battle the rust (not a very “green” approach), one of the better strategies is to remove the trees and plant “rust-resistant ” species of apple/crabapple trees. Maybe that’s what Kowalsky decided to do.

  6. Why is it people react so quickly and negatively without getting the facts. There are many changes going on at that shopping center to update and enhance it’s appearance, all of which must be approved by the Town of Westport. I think they’re doing a wonderful job and I look forward to the opening of The Fresh Market.