He Got The Job

Last week, “06880” reported on David Lipson, the son of Staples’ choral director who was auditioning for a position as “hunky fitness expert” on WNBC-TV’s new LX lifestyle show.

The votes are in.  He got the job.

“06880” claims a tiny bit of credit for helping deliver the votes that put David over the top.  We do not claim any credit for developing his washboard abs.

WNBC-TV's new fitness expert (right)

WNBC-TV's new fitness expert (right)

2 responses to “He Got The Job

  1. Dan–

    Can’t thank you enough for publicizing this event. Dave is really excited about his new position with the show and is incredibly grateful for all the encouragement and support he has received from friends and family in Norwalk/Westport and beyond. With heartfelt gratitude—Alice

  2. Thank everyone so much for he unbelievable support; particularly Dan and my mother who lobbied alot of people to vote. I’m honored that you came out to help me. I will do my best to represent you all well on the show.