Perez Moving To Westport

Let’s say you’re a TV news anchor in Miami.  Your performance review changes from “too anchor-like and too ‘Brian Williams'” in delivery to “too soft” and not “main anchor-like” the moment you’re outed as gay — and you’re fired.  You file a discrimination suit against your employer, WPLG-ABC 10.

As the case works its way through court, what do you do?

Charles Perez

Charles Perez

If you’re Charles Perez, you come to Westport, get married, and go house-hunting.

This Sunday, Charles and his boyfriend — Miami accountant Keith Rinehard — will tie the knot.

“We just want to be normal people and not work in places where they say ‘Don’t have kids, don’t get married,'” Perez told the Miami Herald.

Tomorrow “we’re going to Westport, Conn.  Saturday we’re going house shopping.  And Sunday we’re getting married on the beach — in linen and flip-flops.”

Keith — a partner in a Miami accounting firm — will commute between Westport and Florida.  As for Charles:  We probably won’t see him replacing the legendary Tom Appleby at News 12 anytime soon.  But whatever he does, we hope he and his husband find a friendly, happy — and non-discriminatory — community here in Westport.

3 responses to “Perez Moving To Westport

  1. Here is another example of why Westport is such a wonderful place to live and work and another example of why Staples provides a safe, welcoming place for ALL students. Our students reflect the culture of the community.

  2. Warren Shapiro

    Florida is a great place to visit, but Westport is a great place to live. I am sure Mr. Perez and Mr. Rinehard will find that to be true. Welcome to our community!

  3. For a minute I thought it was Perez Hilton.

    Welcome Charles and Keith!

    I’m also surprised at the Miami reception; what about South Beach. I’ve spent some time there on vacation and love the place, and it’s very gay friendly.