Smooth Sailing

An alert (and grateful) “06880” reader sent this along:

Thanks, Dan, for your blog about the huge dip in the road at Roseville & Post Road.  We went out to vote (yesterday) morning and saw that asphalt has been put down over the spot so that now the transition in moving from one road to the other is smooth.  I am not certain what levers you may have pulled to effect this change, but our car will be eternally grateful.  Now on to the timing of the signal lights.

“06880” would like to take credit for this near-instant response by The Powers That Be.  But we can’t.

At least, we don’t think we can.

The Town (and its subcontractors) work in mysterious ways.  At any rate, enjoy the ride.

And about those signal lights…

9 responses to “Smooth Sailing

  1. First Selectman Woog.

  2. Westporter since 1946

    I can’t see Dan running for Governor, Senator, First Selectman or Local Poohbah, but my guess is that he would be a shoo-in. The power of the pen.

  3. The Dude Abides

    Or the power of the corner kick.

  4. Arthur Champlin

    The position of “Pooh-bah” has been permanently filled. Governor Woog has a nice ring to it.

  5. at least the ride will be nice until the first freeze and the sink hole returns!

  6. Optimistic.