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Friday Flashback #210

Over the years I’ve seen tons of photos of the Riverside Avenue/Wilton Road intersection, looking down and east from the Post Road hill.

But until I spotted this one — courtesy of Kathleen Kiska and Michael Tedesco — I’d never seen a view quite like this.

The wide, sharp shot — from 1914 — seems to capture turn-of-the-last-century Westport. A thriving business district existed right alongside residential neighborhoods. The little kid riding a bicycle looks straight out of Norman Rockwell.

But who was in charge of the roads? They look in even worse shape than they are today.

Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #33

Last week’s photo challenge was tough. You don’t expect mechanical plans to be part of a sculpture. But the image Lynn U. Miller captured was just that: a description of the old Post Road drawbridge on the Saugatuck River. The sculpture — with that plaque — is located near the current, “new” (and modernized in the 1990s) bridge, near the library at the lower parking lot. (Click here for the photo and comments.)

Congratulations to Melissa Crouch Chang, Grover Fitch, Jamie Walsh and LuAnn Giunta for your superb powers of observation (and memories).

This week’s photo challenge is here:

Oh My 06880 - August 16, 2015

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

If you recognize this shot, click “Comments.” And add any info about the site you’d like.

Meanwhile, here’s a bonus: Lynn U. Miller’s photos of the full plaque describing the bridge, and the entire sculpture, that were part of last week’s photo challenge.

Post Road bridge plaque

Post Road bridge sculpture

(Photos/Lynn U. Miller)