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Pic Of The Day #891

Lots o’ signs (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Unsung Hero #56

Mildred Hardy did not want to be featured on “06880.”

But several customers walking into Minute Men Cleaners saw us talking, and gave encouragement. “You deserve it!” one said.

She sure does.

Millie — as she is universally and lovingly known — has been with the Riverside Avenue company for 47 years. She has been its backbone forever.

This was not her first Westport job. The Jamaica native was working for a family on South Compo Road. But she saw an ad for a presser. She was hired — and started work the same day.

That was March 3, 1971. Her boss is now the son of the former owner. She enjoys working for him — and interacting with customers. “They’re great,” Millie says. “They’re all my friends.”

Millie Hardy

She’s done dry cleaning, and run the machines. Now she works at the counter, where countless customers appreciate her warm smile and kind words.

Millie lives next door. In a part of town known for commuting — and at a business with many commuter customers — she’s got the shortest commute of all.

And one of biggest fan bases of anyone, anywhere.

Thanks, Millie, for 47 years of loyal, devoted service to Minute Men Cleaners, and Westport. You’re a true Unsung Hero!

(Hat tip: Patricia McMahon)

Minute Men To The Rescue!

An alert — and relieved — “06880” reader writes:

Last week, I hosted over 30 people for Rosh Hashanah dinner at my house.

I’d taken out several hundred dollars from the bank, to pay for various expenses. By the end of the night I was exhausted. When I looked for the money, I couldn’t find it.

I was distraught. But it was the New Year, and such a nice night that I put the loss aside.

minute-men-cleanersA couple of days ago, my husband received a call from Minute Men Cleaners. They found my money in the pocket of pants I’d sent to be cleaned — and put it in their vault for safekeeping, until we could pick it up.

I want to let you know about this really great experience. With so much bad going on, it’s nice to share good news!