Minute Men To The Rescue!

An alert — and relieved — “06880” reader writes:

Last week, I hosted over 30 people for Rosh Hashanah dinner at my house.

I’d taken out several hundred dollars from the bank, to pay for various expenses. By the end of the night I was exhausted. When I looked for the money, I couldn’t find it.

I was distraught. But it was the New Year, and such a nice night that I put the loss aside.

minute-men-cleanersA couple of days ago, my husband received a call from Minute Men Cleaners. They found my money in the pocket of pants I’d sent to be cleaned — and put it in their vault for safekeeping, until we could pick it up.

I want to let you know about this really great experience. With so much bad going on, it’s nice to share good news!

7 responses to “Minute Men To The Rescue!

  1. Wow. This is just what the lifeguards did when we found money. Not.

  2. Sandra Johnson

    What a wonderful start to your New Year!! There are still some good people in this world Have a healthy, happy new year!!!

  3. What a wonderful story. Yeah for Minuteman cleaners, how wonderful that they are still in business. I remember going there with my Mom and my sisters to pick up my Dad’s shirts. We would save the cardboard from inside the shirts to draw on and create art projects!

  4. Gee Dan, a great blog, and now money laundering!

  5. Dan, oops, I misread the post: I thought it was YOU who’d misplaced the cash.

  6. Hanne Jeppesen

    Very heartwarming, yes there are honest people in the world.
    I work at a Macy’s store, I work in handbags. I learned early you have to check every return carefully. Superstition has it you should not give an empty wallet as a gift. Often we would get wallets returned, that was given as a gift. The receiver never looked inside, most of the time there was a $1.00 or so inside once in awhile $5.00, once a $50.00 bill. However, the most interesting, and scariest story, is about a woman who returned a Calvin Klein handbag, I put it back on floor, about an hour later I received a call from a frantic gentleman (he was lucky he got me on the phone).the call went like this: My wife returned a handbag to your store, inside the bag is two tickets from San Francisco (I live in the Bay Area) to Japan, and we are leaving 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. I remembered the bag, it had not been resold, and I could tell the gentleman, I had the tickets.

  7. Great story, Not surprised at all about Minute Men though, we have been customers for years. Ever since we met Dan at a party where my husband asked Dan about cracked buttons and he told us all shirts are checked and buttons replaced. P.S. we tried Minute Men and he hasn’t had a missing button since! They are the best cleaner ever. Always attentive to any concern, returning every phone call asap. The best part of my story is having found Marco, their in house tailor, who is amazing and can fix anything. Thank you to all the people at Minute Man cleaners.