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And In Westport, They Marched For Our Lives Too

All day yesterday, Westporters attended “March For Our Lives” rallies. They traveled to New York, Washington, Hartford and Shelton.

Former Westporters marched in places like Roxbury, Los Angeles, Delray Beach, Florida — and West Palm Beach, getting as close as they could to Mar-a-Lago.

Westporters temporarily finding themselves in places like Patagonia, Chile also marched.

And when it was all over — as dusk was falling — Westporters marched here too.

Over 1,000 friends and neighbors rallied on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge, and on Main Street. Their message was loud and clear: This American scourge must end.

One of many signs, as marchers gathered at the Westport Library. (Photo/Chuck Greenlee)

Poppy Harrington, Marin Banks and Ella Harrington joined over 1,000 Westporters last night. (Photo/Robert Harrington)

On the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge. (Photo/Janette Kinnally)

A small part of the large crowd on the Post Road at Main Street. (Photo/Ellen Lautenberg and Kristan Hamlin)

Senator Richard Blumenthal with “Westport Moms.com” Megan Brownstein and Melissa Post.

Marchers on Main Street. (Photo/Annette Norton)

Members of the United Methodist Church stood together. (Photo/Ellyn Gelman)

Their message is clear. (Photo/Bridget Curtis)

Rob Feakins was in Washington yesterday. He compiled this short video. It’s a fitting coda to a passionate day.


March For Our Lives: Part 2

Westporters continue to “March For Our Lives.” Here are more photos from alert — and passionate — “06880” readers.

The photo below shows Katie Baker, a Staples High School sophomore. Her mother Gwen writes:

“A few days after the Parkland shooting, she and her fellow gym class peers had to shelter in place in a supply closet. Fortunately, Staples students remained safe — unlike their Parkland counterparts. But the threat of gun violence became more than a political agenda, to these students and others around the country.”

Katie Baker (Photo/Gwen Baker)

The bottom row of victims’ names includes those at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a few miles from Westport. (Photo/Valerie Smith-Malin)

New York Senator and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined the Democratic Women of Westport in New York. (Photo/Lisa Newman)

Several Westporters attended the march in Shelton, Connecticut. (Photo/Lauren MacNeill)

Mark and Debbie Ritter joined their daughter Emily (Staples High School Class of 2017, now at George Washington University) in DC — with, he says.”a million people (not fake news). It was a moving and powerful experience, even though we were 4 blocks from the stage.”

More Westport students add their voices to the protest. They’re lining up to march at New York’s Museum of Natural History. (Photo/Nicole Bonn)

Local resident Roseann Spengler in Hartford, with her grandchildren.

Former Westporter John Backiel traveled from Florida to Washington, DC for today’s protest. This sign caught his eye.

If you take photos at tonight’s candlelight vigil in Westport, please send them to “06880” (dwoog@optonline.net). We hope to run some of the best ones tomorrow.


They March For Our Lives

Early today, a group of Westport teenagers headed to New York for the anti-gun violence “March for Our Lives.” (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

Democratic Women (and Man) of Westport, in New York. From left: Danielle Dobin, Amy Dowell, Becky Martin, Rob Simmelkjaer, Jen Gorin and Lisa Newman.

The protest at Sturm, Ruger headquarters in Southport. (Photo/Mark Yurkiw)

Saugatuck Elementary School students Owen Hill and Alex Weiner with their signs.

Staples students in New York City. (Photo/Erika Smith)

Former Westporter John Backiel traveled from Florida to Washington, DC for today’s march.

Amy Weiss, in New York City.

And — far from Westport, “at the end of the earth” — Staples High School Class of 2017 graduate Johnny Donovan organized a march for American gap year students.

He’s in Patagonia, Chile. But he’s doing what he can to make all Americans safe.

Marching? Send Photos!

This Saturday (March 24), Westporters will join millions of other Americans, in rallies against gun violence (and the politicians who enable it).

There are “March For Our Lives” marches of every size, and nearly every location.

Westporters will gather at 6:30 p.m. in the Bartaco parking lot, then head over the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge to Main Street.

The biggest event is in Washington, DC. Others in New York and Hartford will draw area residents too.

The “06880” tagline is “Where Westport meets the world.” If you’re marching anywhere, please send photos to dwoog@optonline.net. Include caption information, and any other details.

And if you’re going to the Ruger demonstration — or will be part of a counter-demonstration there — we’d like to see those images too.

In 2012, protesters on the Post Road bridge raised the issue of gun violence. This Saturday, they’ll cross it — for the same reason.

Justin Paul’s Lin Manuel Miranda Moment

Justin Paul. Lin Manuel Miranda. Ben Platt. The March For Our Lives.

That’s quite a combination.

Yesterday, the 4th #Hamiltondrop video was released. The series features monthly “Hamilton”-inspired mashups, combined with other well-known songs.

The one mixes “Hamilton”‘s “Story of Tonight” with “You Will Be Found,” from “Dear Evan Hansen.” That tune was written by Staples High School graduate Justin Paul, and his songwriting partner Benj Pasek.

The mashup is sung by Miranda and Ben Platt, a Tony Award winner for his portrayal of the “Hansen” title character. Broadway.com says it may be the best of the entire series.

The video includes quick shots of Justin, sitting on a couch watching the recording. It was made just a couple of hours after he visited Staples High and Coleytown Middle Schools. He was exhausted, but excited.

Proceeds from downloads (click here) go to this weekend’s march, organized by teenagers to draw attention to gun violence and political inaction.

Emma Gonzalez — a Parkland High School student, political activist and march leader — tweeted: “I just listened to it and I can’t stop crying. I’m gonna listen to this forever holy heck.”

“March For Our Lives” On March 24

On March 24, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages will descend on Washington, DC. “March For Our Lives” will demand an end to gun violence in America’s schools.

Here in Westport, hundreds will march too.

Phillip Addario, Bruce Chapman and Adria Belport are organizing a Westport March For Our Lives candlelight vigil.

Participants meet at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 24 in the Bartaco parking lot. With candles and posters, they’ll walk to the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Post Road bridge — site of many citizen gatherings over the decades — and then on to Main Street.

“We believe the time is now to demand action from legislators, state and federal agencies, corporations, and educational institutions to establish common-sense gun reform,” Belport says.

“Together with our collective voices, we can help end gun violence in our schools and communities.”

The Westport Downtown Merchants Association will distribute information and posters. The organization encourages merchants who align with the cause to support or participate too.

(Click here for more information, on the event’s Facebook page.)