Westporters March For Lives

Across America today, hundreds of thousands of Americans joined hundreds of “March For Our Lives” rallies. They protested gun violence, and pleaded, shouted and demanded stricter laws.

Westport was one of those communities. The rallying point was the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge downtown.

People lined one side of the span 3 deep; the other side was filled too. For an hour or so, men, women and children joined the crowd. Drivers passing by honked frequently in support. A few had their own signs.

(All photos/Bobbi Essagof)

13 responses to “Westporters March For Lives

  1. Trapped by a party who care more about placating the affordable housing lobby and making contractors rich than womens right to choose and guns not killing our kids….. it’s amazing ! Our politicians should be ashamed of themselves !

  2. Dermot Meuchner

    Guns are as American as apple pie.

  3. I agree to ban machine guns that shoot multiple rounds. Only soldiers & police need those. A bunch of us, in multiple states, own guns .. but we’ve never killed anyone. Do INDEPTH background checks and that includes mental illness checks. That is protected by HIPPA .. which isn’t in the Constitution … guns are. Law abiding U.S. citizens register their guns. It’s the criminals and the crazy who shoot up people.

    • Russell Gontar

      The Ulvade shooter had no issues Thant would have been detected by such checks. And he bought his guns legally. You want guns? Fine. Just come up with a way from to prevent such a shooter from walking into a store and walking out 30minutes later ready to slaughter children.

  4. Agreed. I guess metal detectors aren’t working. They did stop guns & knives at Stamford and Danbury High Schools where my cousins went. It’s human behavior that goes unpunished that needs to be addressed. Defunding Police, not putting criminals in jail and letting criminals out free. Those all add to bad behavior being accepted so … crime will continue to rise. Uvalde, that kid was touched in the head.

  5. Russell Gontar

    Unfortunately, there is no way to control human behavior or to predict when someone might snap. We can, however, control inanimate objects and that is what we should be focused on. If you’re focused on punishment, you’re already too late,

  6. You’re right but there are 100MM gun permit holders owning 400MM guns. They’re not doing this killing … the mentally ill people are. Are you Mark’s brother?

    • Russell Gontar

      The question for America is, are you willing to do whatever it takes to prevent daily mass shootings or are your guns more important than saving children’s lives?

      To answer your question, yes, one of them.

  7. How about using our military or retired military or Police that quit when they were defunded to guard each of our schools daily. (with guns) Just curious .. do these mass shootings happen at private schools? Just a side thought.

    • I’m not quite sure what your point is here about public vs. private schools. But a quick Google search found this, from the Cato Institute:

      Since there are many more public schools than private schools, we must consider that difference. The most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics show that around 25 percent of U.S. K‑12 schools are private, while about 10 percent of schooled children attend private schools. In other words, the data suggest that children that go to private schools are disproportionately less likely to experience a school shooting than children in public schools.

      Of course, considering the difference in the number of students across the two sectors does not account for differences in the types of students. After all, at least some of the divergence in school shootings found are likely due to other factors such as household income and parent education levels. However, a recent study by Danish Shakeel and me, presented at the International School Choice and Reform Conference, finds that private schools experience better school culture than public schools even after controlling for several characteristics such as school size, location, racial composition of students and teachers, and the percent of students from low‐​income families. We find that private schools are significantly less likely than public schools to experience problems such as student fighting, bullying, and, perhaps most importantly, weapon possession. Anytime you write about a tragedy and point to your favorite policy reform as the solution, it can seem opportunistic and, frankly, a little callous. But it is not groundless to think that school type could matter, and nothing should be off‐​limits for discussion to end these sorts of tragedies.

    • Russell Gontar

      I’m baffled as to why you keep mentioning the police being “defunded” but as you may not know, armed police have been onsite during many schools shootings also the recent grocery store shooting. Sometimes they are effective and sometimes they are immediately taken down. What can they do with their service revolvers against a madman armed with multiple assault weapons and high capacity magazines? Are you suggesting that armed police be on site at every schools, movie theater, grocery store and every place we might visit once we leave our front door? No thanks.

  8. Your whole response was my side thought. How about cops & military guarding our schools? Also, are you Mark’s brother?

  9. Russell Gontar

    Is that what you want? Everywhere you go in America assault weapons everywhere? There’s a place like that already and it’s called Texas. Doesn’t see, to be working out very well either, does it? And yes, as I mentioned earlier, Mark is one of my brothers.