They March For Our Lives

Early today, a group of Westport teenagers headed to New York for the anti-gun violence “March for Our Lives.” (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

Democratic Women (and Man) of Westport, in New York. From left: Danielle Dobin, Amy Dowell, Becky Martin, Rob Simmelkjaer, Jen Gorin and Lisa Newman.

The protest at Sturm, Ruger headquarters in Southport. (Photo/Mark Yurkiw)

Saugatuck Elementary School students Owen Hill and Alex Weiner with their signs.

Staples students in New York City. (Photo/Erika Smith)

Former Westporter John Backiel traveled from Florida to Washington, DC for today’s march.

Amy Weiss, in New York City.

And — far from Westport, “at the end of the earth” — Staples High School Class of 2017 graduate Johnny Donovan organized a march for American gap year students.

He’s in Patagonia, Chile. But he’s doing what he can to make all Americans safe.

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