Staples Tuition Grants: 75 Years In 8 Minutes

Staples Tuition Grants turns 75 years old this year.

To celebrate, the organization — which last year provided over $300,000 in scholarships to 115 Staples High School seniors and graduates with financial need — threw a fundraising party this month.

The event met its goal: over $75,000 in donations. (For 75 years — get it?).

One of the night’s highlights was a video. Produced by talented Westport filmmaker (and Staples grad) Doug Tirola, it featured well-known residents and SHS alums like Christopher Jones, Justin Paul, Ned Batlin, Linda Bruce, Jessica Branson, Miggs Burroughs, Anne Hardy, Dan Donovan and Maggie Mudd. They offered insights into their own scholarships and those named for loved ones, plus thoughts on the importance of college and life.

The video — filled joy and heartache, humor and love — is well worth the 8 minutes. Enjoy!

(For more information on Staples Tuition Grants, or to donate, click here.)

3 responses to “Staples Tuition Grants: 75 Years In 8 Minutes

  1. Mary Hoffman

    Dan, thank you for posting. Donating now!

  2. One of the most inspiring aspects of Staples Tuition Grants is knowing the story behind each of the named grants, which is almost of history of Westport, as this film captures beautifully. My mother served on the committee in the 1960s, so when she died in 1977 one of the first things our family did was establish a fund in her memory…however, it was not until my brother Doug died four years ago that I realized how meaningful the ‘name’ on the grants are to the recipients. After requesting that his fund go to a student who had been involved with the Staples Players (which had meant a lot to Doug) we have received the most wonderful thank you letters from the recipients, emphasizing how important theatre is in their lives. These grants by STG underscore the strong connection between the Westport of our past, and the future for these students. It’s a unique community resource, worth celebrating and supporting!

  3. Jaimie Dockray

    I just watched Doug’s video. After shedding a tear, I donated. Thank you, Doug, for dedicating your time and talents. How inspiring.