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Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Westport is filled with places we drive by often, sometimes see, but seldom know.

Machamux Park — tiny, serene, nestled between Green’s Farms Road and I-95 near the Beachside Avenue curve — is one of those spots.

We pass it by. We glance at the lone wooden table, and wonder who picnics there. (No one ever does.)

Machamux Park. (Photo by Fred Cantor)

Machamux Park. (Photo by Fred Cantor)

We certainly don’t stop and read the plaque on the rock. But if we did, we’d see that it says “Machamux” means “The Beautiful Land.”

And that it was named by “Chickens.”

Not the animal kind. “Chickens” was, apparently, “a young Sachem who settled here.”

It must have been a “beautiful land” indeed, long before the highway, railroad, even Colonial houses.

Chickens probably roamed all over. You know: “free range.”