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0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 50 Gallery

It’s March again.

Nearly a year ago, we started our weekly art gallery. It was a welcome diversion from COVID. We’re still going strong, thanks to so many creative Westporters (and ex-residents).

As long as you keep sending your work, we’ll keep featuring it. Whatever form suits your mood — we want it. You don’t have to be a pro, or even experienced. Send it all!

Art should be inspired by, relevant to, or somehow, in some way, connected to our current lives. Student submissions of all ages are especially welcome. So are artists who have not submitted before.

Email dwoog@optonline.net, to share your work with the world.

Untitled. Wendy Roseberry writes: “My husband Brian Whelan and I moved here from Virginia in June. He is an artist. is work is shown at River Gallery. Right before the shutdown last March, a friend threw a masquerade ball with a 20-piece orchestra. Little did we know we would all wear masks from then on.”

“Lily in Hand” (Larry Untermeyer)

“CT Graffiti” (Karen Weingarten)

“Class of 1972 Foursome: Brendan Duffy, Richard Roberts, Jeff Bosch & Dave Kidney” (Eric Bosch)

“Finishing Touches” (Larry Weisman)

“Everything is a Bouquet” (Roseann Spengler)

“Give the Priceless Gift” (Ellin Spadone)

“Oil and Water Do Mix … Have to be Open to It” (Barbara Stewart)

“Rock, Paper, Scissors, Mask” (Photographer Amy Schneider notes: “The mask always wins. It’s not a game.”)

“Bent but Not Broken” (June Rose Whittaker)

“Snow/Sand/Sound” (Wendy Crowthr)


0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 24 Art Gallery

Happy Labor Day weekend!

That’s the theme of a few of this week’s art gallery submissions. As we enjoy this end-of-a-strange-summer holiday, we also celebrate the wonders of Westport.

As always, all submissions are welcome — in any medium. The only rule: It should be inspired by, relevant to, or somehow, in some way, connected to our current world. Student art of all ages is especially welcome.

Coronavirus, social justice, politics, or just the beauty around us — have at it! Email dwoog@optonline.net, to share your work with the world.

“Current Issues.” Photographer Rowene Weems — who took this shot at Assumption Cemetery on Kings Highway North — says, “Initially I was fascinated by the broken edges of the tree (there are so many these days. Lightning? Wind? Crazy!). Then, by the flag in the tree. Was the flag there first or after? Then I began to see it all more symbolically. There’s a lot going on in our world right now that feels pretty shattering.”

“Compo Cove During COVID” (Roseann Spengler)

“Happy Labor Day Weekend!” (Amy Schneider)

“A Natural Horse” (Karen Weingarten)

“Cottage in the Woods” (Lawrence Weisman)

“Burying Hill” (Lisa Seidenberg)

Larry Weisman: State Can Prohibit Trucks From Cribari Bridge

Larry Weisman has followed the recent controversy over the William F. Cribari Bridge with interest.

The longtime Westporter reads “068880” comments too. One in particular drew his attention.

A preservation-minded reader referred to ‘’the statute’’ that controls the authority of the Connecticut Department of Transportation to prohibit truck traffic on a state highway.

Without quoting the statute, the commenter implied that it supports his argument for preservation as the only (or best) way to limit truck traffic on the bridge.

Weisman — an attorney — went to work. He found what he believes is the law: Section 14-298 of the Connecticut GeneraI Statutes.

Based on his reading — and in part on a successful campaign in Darien to ban trucks near I-95 — Weisman believes that the statute clearly allows the DOT to prohibit truck traffic under the same circumstances prevailing at the Cribari Bridge: “for the protection and safety of the public” whenever the route is “geographically located so that it could be utilized as a through truck route.”

Weisman found that among the physical characteristics to be assessed in determining whether the protection and safety of the public is at risk are: “road width and configuration, sight line restrictions, roadside character and development, number and character of intersecting streets and highways, traffic control devices, volume and character of traffic, and established speed limits.’’

I-95 is just out of this aerial view. According to Larry Weisman, Connecticut Department of Transportation regulations can prohibit through truck traffic on even a newly remodeled Cribari Bridge.

“Not only is there nothing here that would prevent prohibition of trucks on that portion of Route 136 which utilizes the bridge,” Weisman says, “but the bridge meets almost every criterion for such a prohibition and the statute effectively counters the argument that retaining our substandard bridge is the best (or only) way to address the issue.”

Click here for Connecticut DOT’s “Through Truck Prohibitions” page.