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Pic Of The Day #756

2 Westport favorites — Larry Untermeyer and Jo Fuchs Luscombe — at the Sherwood Diner (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Happy 90th, Larry Untermeyer!

Larry Untermeyer turns 90 years young today.

The noted photographer — who has exhibited in countless shows, and whose shots enliven many local publications (including, gratefully “06880”) — was born on this lucky day: 7/11.

Larry Untermeyer with his aerial photos of Westport. They’ve been featured for years in a hallway exhibit at Town Hall.

The new nonagenarian shows no signs of slowing down. He recently returned from 6 weeks in Greece.

We’d ask him the secret of his longevity. But we can’t get him to stop and answer.

Happy birthday, Larry!

Rice fields, northern Vietnam. (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

Pic Of The Day #30

Burying Hill breakwater (Photo copyright Larry Untermeyer)

Pic Of The Day #23

Compo Beach lockers (Photo copyright Larry Untermeyer)

Zooming In On Westport

One of the last places realtors take prospective home buyers is Town Hall.

It should be one of the first.

At least, while Larry Untermeyer’s “Zoom in on Westport” photo exhibit is up.

Last summer and fall, Larry was a frequent flyer in Chuck Tanner’s Cessna 182.  The result:  stunning aerial photos of town, now hanging on the wall just around the corner from the auditorium.

Larry captured Westport in all our verdant and leafy glory.  The beach, Longshore, downtown, Staples — it’s all there, from a perspective you’ve never seen before.

Larry’s photos show how amazing our town is.  How small downtown is.  How much open space remains.  Who knew?

The photos hung, until recently, at the Westport Historical Society.  At Town Hall, they’re even more accessible.

Unless, that is, all those realtors and home buyers won’t let you near.