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Westport Pot Dealer Leaves

Jonathan Adler is gone.

The downtown home furnishings store was the brainchild of a noted craftsman. Adler first earned fame for his ceramics.

It was known locally for the intriguing sign in the front window. Every few months, an alert “06880” reader would email me a photo like this:

I know, I know, I’d reply. I wrote about it 4 years ago.

I don’t know why Jonathan Adler closed.

Perhaps it’s because of the legalization of medical marijuana in Connecticut, and for recreational use in 8 states.

Or maybe just the rising rents on Main Street.

Blunt Humor Raises High Hopes

Connecticut has not yet followed Washington and Colorado’s lead. Marijuana is still illegal here.

So the front window of Jonathan Adler‘s Main Street store offers a helpful link to its website.

Jonathan Adler, Westport CT

But the 24-hour site sells no 420.

Pottery, not pot.

What a buzzkill.

Put That In Your Pipe…

Last week, voters in Colorado and Washington state legalized recreational marijuana use.

Apparently — at least, judging from this sign in the former Achorn’s Pharmacy on Main Street — there was a similar message on the Westport ballot.

Looks like there’s still a “drug store” on Main Street after all.