Put That In Your Pipe…

Last week, voters in Colorado and Washington state legalized recreational marijuana use.

Apparently — at least, judging from this sign in the former Achorn’s Pharmacy on Main Street — there was a similar message on the Westport ballot.

Looks like there’s still a “drug store” on Main Street after all.

16 responses to “Put That In Your Pipe…

  1. Omg, I think I wet myself! Dan you are too funny!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. The original head shops were all on the side street where Tiffany is located.

  4. I like the way that store proprietor thinks!

  5. I remember the head shop under the ice cream parlor (the Rage?) in the 70’s. A great slection of used leather jackets, jeans, paraphenalia (sp?) and generally fun vibes.

  6. I don’t get it?

    • Jonathan Adler got his start as a ceramicist, one who “throws pots” or, if you are clever with words, a pot dealer.

  7. You can still buy paraphernalia at Utopia in Norwalk

  8. That’s Funny!

  9. And all of the Westport kids can still buy the “good stuff” on Jesup Green. What’s your point

  10. I’m surprised that those “transactions” still go on at Jesup Green because the police dept. is right behind it… (Isn’t Jesup Green the green space between the library and Matsu Sushi?

    • Correct.

      They have cleaned it up a little bit with the placement of Tiffany’s and Crumbs, but it’s still incredibly seedy on weekend evenings.

      Kind of ironic the drug dealers are active in the backyards of the Library and the Police Dept. Now, part of that has to do with the apartments above the Klaff Lighting and Topp This.

      Back in the mid-90s, when there was a Ben & Jerrys there, I know the occupant living above the ice cream shop was VERY popular with the youngsters. Why? Because he sold to them.

    • Seems as though some of those tranasactions might be taking place at Staples.