Book It!

A couple of weeks ago, longtime Westporter (and very talented photographer) Stacy Waldman Bass went into Terrain in Westport. She wanted to buy a terrarium.

As she searched for the right one, a helpful salesperson offered  an alternative.

“How about a beautiful book?” she asked, and walked Stacy over to one she called her favorite.

It was “In the Garden,” a handsome photo-and-essay volume celebrating the natural splendor and abundant creativity of America’s 21st-century gardens.

The wonderful photographs are by — Stacy Bass.

Talk about fantastic customer service!

“In the Garden,” in Terrain.

9 responses to “Book It!

  1. I still do not get the appeal of Terrain. Overpriced and unimpressive.

  2. Gorgeous book. And the store, it’s great to see they are taking the time and giving the space to include the work of locals in their stock.

  3. Terrain is an overgrown mess out front. Overpriced and mediocre inside.

  4. Not exactly, though it will be overgrown in the next years. Very interesting design and stock. It’s a tough time for the nursery businesses. What’s not overpriced in Westport? Big improvement over an empty car lot.

  5. what a funny story. and stacy is amazing!

  6. It always amazes me when Dan writes an article about ,in this instance the very talented Mrs. Bass, and instead of comments congratulating her on her book or the fine service at Terrain (of which there were a few) , we get the predictable “i hate terrain, the store is over priced, the lot is over grown”
    Have we all lost our minds or our the readers of Dan’s blog just plain stupid!

    Well done Mrs. Bass. I love your book as well and wish you the best of success, as i do Terrain. Sure beats a vacant old car lot 🙂

    • This is a town that spent $10,000,000 on a dog toilet. Sanity left the building a long time ago.