Blunt Humor Raises High Hopes

Connecticut has not yet followed Washington and Colorado’s lead. Marijuana is still illegal here.

So the front window of Jonathan Adler‘s Main Street store offers a helpful link to its website.

Jonathan Adler, Westport CT

But the 24-hour site sells no 420.

Pottery, not pot.

What a buzzkill.

7 responses to “Blunt Humor Raises High Hopes

  1. Debbie Katz

    I SAW this once and I did a doubletake…meant to follow up with anyone and forgot. LOL, thanks for clarifying

  2. Uuuuuh….what’s 420? I’m just an old retired guy living on a pension (see Hyman Roth) and am not up on these newfangled things.

  3. Tom Feeley

    Yeah, sure!

  4. Tom Feeley

    Should have been 66 comments!

    There were 225 comments on stopping anonymous posting…mostly by anonymous posters…some wackos, but all entertaining. Oh well.